May 19, 2017

Orc's Hot Coco

Since the release of the Warcraft cookbook, I've been cooking many things from it. This gave me a spark to sit down and sift through some of the recipes I've collected through the years. As I was shuffling though many handwritten sheets, this one little page fell out. It was written on a small piece of notebook paper and it was titled "Orc's Hot Coco". It was a small recipe and something that a person could easily remember though I decided to write it down since I'm very forgetful. I must have stuck it in with my books and forgot about it. Though I may have forgotten that I had this recipe, I definitely did not forget the person it came from.

I've been really fortunate to make many friends throughout the years that I've played WoW, and surprisingly some of those friends came from the first "real" guild I was ever in. I was only there for a few months, but we would PvP, run dungeons, and do other silly things. The guild name was Epic, but it contained silly alt characters. The guild is now lost to time, but I kept in touch with some of those people up until around MoP when I shifted around social media and became more private.

One of those people in that guild went by the name Orcofsteel. This all happened so long ago so details can be hard to remember. I do remember that yes, they played an orc, and I think it may have been a warrior. Most of us in the guild were around the same age, so naturally we just clicked. Everyone was easy to talk to and share things with. I remember one late night that Orc shared his favorite way to drink a relaxing mug of hot chocolate. It was nothing fancy at all, but I always loved hot drinks so I wrote down the ingredients (without any instructions) to try it out later on.

Many weeks later I remember Orc began to change. Something happened in his personal life, and he confided in the guild. I also remember him switching his character from an orc to an undead with the new name, Deathbearer. I remember some of our late night chats just sitting out near the sea, and I was lucky enough to still have a screenshot of one of those evenings. Eventually his playtime became less and less until one day he just stopped logging on. I'm not exactly sure what happened to him as there was no Real ID to add to keep track of friends at that time. I hope wherever he is, he's happy. I hope that if he sees this someday, it brings back some good memories of the guild.

So I sit here and enjoy my own mug of the stuff. I'm going to share it with you all because this post wouldn't be complete without the actual recipe. So here it is, a little more of a refined version of Orc's Hot Coco. Aka'Magosh!

Orc's Hot Coco (Makes 2 servings)

2 cups milk (use whatever kind you like)
2 tablespoons hot chocolate mix (this is my favorite)
1 Chai tea bag
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon pumpkin spice (buy pre-mixed or make your own)
Cool-whip (optional)

Place the milk, hot chocolate mix, vanilla, and pumpkin spice in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir until all ingredients are dissolved. Turn off heat and steep Chai tea bag in the milk for 3-5 minutes (depending on how strong you want it). Discard tea bag and carefully pour into two mugs. Top with a dollop of Cool-whip (optional), grab your favorite Warcraft book, sit back and enjoy!

Drink may be hot so please sip carefully!

May 10, 2017

Newbie Storytime

Here we kick off the second week in honor of my ten years in Azeroth. Back when I started playing, I was a classic noob. I knew nothing, and since there weren't many huge communities that exist like today, Thottbot and word of mouth were my only savior. In the past, I focused on a few stories about the dumb mistakes I made as a new player. Do I have a dozen more of those? You bet!

Lost in Kalimdor

I'm Forsaken so my questing experience started out in Eastern Kingdoms. At that time, I really had no concept to how large the world of Azeroth was. This was during the BC era so there were still only two continents aside from Outland. I remained on Eastern Kingdoms, and around level 30 one of my friends sent me a whisper: "Hey. You been to Orgrimmar yet?" Now my boyfriend and most of his other friends all picked races that started on Kalimdor. It had occurred to me that I could go over there, but the truth was, I had no idea how to even get there!

I replied: "No, I haven't." He came to me and guided me to the zeppelin. He explained that I could use this to get back and fourth to each continent. Before I knew it, we were in Durator. Everything was so desert like and very different from Eastern Kindgoms. He showed me the city and I ogled all the high level players. He brought me around Durator and showed me the troll village. We were having fun then suddenly he had to log. Alright. There I was, stuck in Durator with little knowledge on how to get back to the zeppelin. I left the troll area and began making my way up the road. I knew the zeppelin was around the gates of Orgrimmar (it used to be outside before the revamp), so I figured once I got close I would see it.

Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me was a town that I didn't remember going through. We had walked along the coast because my friend wanted to show me the crag harpies. I was told that gold dragons around a name meant to stay away because I'd die. In fact, I'm sure I was having Son of Arugal flashbacks. These guards around the town not only had a dragon around their name but were also a red skull level to me. I was scared, so instead of going through the town, I went back around, fighting my way through harpies. I eventually made it to the zeppelin and back to the comfort of Eastern Kingdoms. This little adventure slipped my mind until way later when I was a higher level. I realized the town I stumbled upon was no other than Razor Hill and would have posed no threat to me. I felt really silly looking back on it. I eventually let my friends know about this little story, and they all had a laugh at my expense as well.

The Tale of the Holy Shroud

I have vivid memories of running certain dungeons over and over. Those dungeons include Wailing Caverns, the three in Scarlet Monastery, and Shadowfang Keep. Shadowfang Keep has earned it's place as one of my all time favorite dungeons. I liked it back then, and I still enjoy the revamp. I ran the place so much, that I saw an item called the Holy Shroud drop twice. My alt priest got the first one, and I decided to sell the second one. I was still new to the game, so I had no idea it was a decent helm for a healing twink. I put it up on the AH for probably a fraction of what it was worth and didn't think about it again.

I remember I was questing through Stranglethorn Vale at the time when I received a message from someone asking about the shroud. They said they were a bit short on what I was asking and wondered if I could sell it to them via trade for what they had. Since they asked so nicely, I decided to just give them the item free of cost - Ouch. They were very grateful, thanked me a ton, and we both went on our separate ways. The thought of that exchange never crossed my mind after that day.

Fast forward to quite some time later. I was max level, in a raiding guild, and doing pretty good for myself in terms of gold. I get a random whisper from this person: "Hey! Remember me?" My mind started thinking of PUGs ran with and even old guildies, but nothing clicked. I told the player: "No, I'm sorry I don't remember you." His next reply: "You gave me a Holy Shroud a long time ago when I didn't have the gold." What?! I have no idea how they remembered, but they did. After a small exchange, they asked to meet up and paid me back for my kindness with a lot more gold than I originally had the shroud listed for. I guess the moral of this story is that sometimes a little kindness effects a person in a bigger way than you could imagine.

While the first was an embarrassing moment, the second story definitely left a lasting impression on me. Nice players so make for a positive impact in the game. I hoped you enjoyed these two small stories. I'm sure later in the future I will continue to tell the ones that I haven't really discussed. Before I go, I want to remind everyone of the battle pet giveaway I promised last week. It is now live and will run until 5-15. You can find out more information about it by following the link to the tweet right here! Good luck!

May 3, 2017

10 Years in Azeroth!

On May 5th in 2007, little Velgana took her first steps out into the big world of Azeroth. Since then, I have logged over 400 days on her and have tried to progress her to the best of my ability. To say that I've always enjoyed the game without any struggles or boredom would be a lie. However, I've always taken a step back and jumped back in, finding enjoyment in many other ways such as collecting and exploring the world. I've also made countless of friends throughout this journey. Some of those people I still am in contact with today while others have gone their separate ways. Everyone I've ever met through this game has touched my life in one way or another, positive and negative experiences combined.

During this month, each week will feature a blog post on different times in my WoW life. It will start with some of my lesser known noob moments and end with my most memorable events from each expansion spanning from the Burning Crusade to Warlords of Draenor. I wanted to do this because ten years encompasses a very long amount of time, and there are still many un-shared moments that I think are worth mentioning. If you follow me on Twitter, there will also be a battle pet giveaway going on as well. Keep an eye out for more information on that!

This month I will also be celebrating nine years of blogging here! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to those of you who follow me, like and retweet my stuff, read this blog, and interact with me on a regular basis. You have all made my time in Azeroth a little more interesting, and if it weren't for the great people in this community, I don't think I would have continued doing this. Much love to you all! Here's to ten years and hopefully many more!

April 7, 2017

Patch 7.2: First Thoughts

New patch, new stuff to do - this is the Warcraft cycle. The patch has now been out for over a week, and I've been able to jump in and mess around with the stuff that I was looking forward to. It's all pretty exciting when a new patch comes out with new things. However, it can sometimes get a little messy when those things are mostly just repackaged versions of what we've been doing before.

No, this isn't going to be a complaint post. I honestly have little to gripe about. Let's talk about the intro to the Broken Shore. I love scenarios that make you feel like you're part of what's happening in lore. I didn't think I'd be overcome with emotions, but the minute I set foot on the shores again, I thought back on the Legion intro and all the sacrifices that were made. It really gives the player a sense of wanting to push back the forces and get into the action. I love that! The downside is having to do it over and over on alts. It gets a bit stale. The Broken Shore itself looks alright. I know a lot of people are getting tired of the sickly fel green color, but you have to admit that the Tomb of Sargeras looming over everything looks very intimidating.

The dailies are also refreshing since they are in a sense new, though trying to get the quests done on my server can be a bit of a challenge. Since 7.2 I've noticed a very heavy Alliance presence on my server. I know we have always been Ally heavy, but this feels like a lot more. Most things are tagged before you even have a chance. Come on Blizzard! I thought we were supposed to be working together to defeat the Legion. I know cross faction tagging isn't usually ideal, but it would be so beneficial there. There is also the issues with random invasions only lasting six hours a day. Regardless at which time they are placed, someone will always be left out. Though it's no longer a requirement for Pathfinder pt. II, I still question why Blizzard didn't just change each invasion to last 24 hrs and rotate them that way.

The other day I ran Cathedral of Eternal Night with my little guild. The place was really beautiful and the fights were really fun, especially Mephistroth. If you haven't run that dungeon yet, I highly suggest doing that. I was also excited to dive into the anticipated pet battle dungeon. Sadly this was a bit lackluster, and I'll only be running it until I collect the remaining pets I'm missing. Finally we come to the sets tab! It's my new favorite thing, and I honestly wish Blizzard would have implemented something like this earlier. My only complaint is I wish it had a filter for all sets (greens, blues, epics) for those who love collecting. Maybe someday we will see it get to that point.

As with most things here, this is of course my personal opinion, and you probably shouldn't listen to me or anyone else for that matter. If you neglected your playtime last patch, now is a good time to jump back in. With gear catch up, flying coming soon, and a new raid after that, you'll be able to help fight the Legion in no time. Whatever you decide to do, good luck, and hopefully I'll see you on the Broken Shore!

March 9, 2017

Hidden Appearances

I have finally finished! I have collected all three of my mage hidden artifact appearances. This was a little goal that I set for myself, and honestly I thought I'd be done with it a long time before this. That wasn't the case. RNG can be a total block in some cases, and there is nothing you can really do to prevent that except to just keep trying and hoping that someday it will pop up or drop. Since my Ebonchill post is super popular, I thought I would post about getting my hidden appearances as well. Also, some of these require your artifact knowledge to be a certain level, but that isn't really an issue anymore (unless it's your main) due to the Artifact Research Compendium and the ability to send them to alts. I still decided to include the required AK as well just in case.

The Woolmancer's Charge (Requires AK 6)

I am a frost mage, and if I'm not playing frost, I'll be playing fire. Arcane is a spec that I can't seem to ever full enjoy so I'm rarely play it. Of course this would be the first hidden appearance I acquire. To start the "event" for a chance to get The Woolmancer's Charge, you need to travel to each Broken Isle zone and polymorph specific mobs. I won't go into detail here on the specific mobs as they can be found on the Woolmancer's page.

Next is the waiting part. You must wait until a volatile sheep spawns in your class hall. I believe a toast window will pop up to get your attention though one didn't for me. If this doesn't happen, don't worry. The sheep will be following you so it's not hard to miss. Right click on this sheep a few times and BAM, it will explode!

Now fly yourself over to Stormheim and look for an Extremely Volatile Sheep. Once you find this little guy, you're going to want to click on it like you did in your order hall to make it explode. I found making a macro to locate this one worked best. You can even use this to find the specific mobs to polymorph like I explained earlier:

/tar Extremely Volatile Stormheim Sheep
/script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

After this, head to the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest and complete the little event for your appearance. I personally find that this is by far one of the silliest and funniest hidden appearances. Plus the staff will sometimes let out this ridiculous scream on polymorph. It's too good!

Everburning Crystal (Requires AK 4)

This is the appearance I wanted the most, and I started working toward it as soon as I could unlock the Teleportation Nexus order hall perk. This perk puts portals in your class hall that leads to each zone on the Broken Isle. When the event for this hidden appearance is triggered, you will see the emote "You hear a strange crackling sound from the portals downstairs." pop up in your chat box when you are in your order hall. From there, take any one of the portals to be ported to this sub-zone of Frostfire Ridge.


Once there you will see two elementals. The larger of the two, Asher, will be the one who will give you the Everburning Crystal to unlock this appearance. This is another little macro that may help you check for the daily roll of the arcane and frost artifact. While it didn't work well for me (my frost one was always saying yes) others have had success with using it:

/run f="\124cffffff00\124Hquest:%s:0\124h[%s]\124h\124r: \124cff%s\124r";for k,v in pairs({[44384]="Daily Portal Event Roll",[43828]="Sheep Summon Daily Roll"})do print(format(f,k,v,IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(k)and"00ff00Yes"or"ff0000No"))end

The Stars Design (Requires AK 5)

I really wish I had been prepared when this actually dropped. The truth was that I wasn't even farming for it at the time. I was out in the world questing. This hidden appearance has a chance to drop off of basically any mob in Suramar. I know a lot of people love to farm around Moonguard Stronghold since there are lots of mob packs that respawn pretty fast. I was actually in the dangerous part of the city (yea, that part!), but I have no idea which exact mob it dropped from. While I wasn't actively seeking it at the time, I'm glad to finally have it. The Stars Design is a really gorgeous skin and definitely reminds me of a lot of weapons from Ulduar.

Of course each of these hidden appearances also have separate colors to obtain by doing dungeons, PvP, and world quests. I may just have to save those to talk about another time, lol. If you read through all of that, props to you. I know it was a very lengthy post. I don't care though because if it helps one mage out there, my job has been done!