April 26, 2016

My Favorite Flavor is Vanilla

So unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard the many arguments surrounding Blizzard wanting the plug pulled on one of the biggest private vanilla servers, Nostalruis. This outraged many people while many others defended Blizzard's right to have the server force a shut down. This is something that has been addressed again and again. Players claim they want it while devs sit there and say "You think you do, but you don't.". Do they really want it? Maybe... This petition to get Blizzard to at least recognize the demand for it has reached over 200k signatures and even has the backing of a former developer who claimed that if it hit the 200k goal, he would personally deliver the petition into the hands of Mike Morhaime.

I sit here and I can't help but wonder many things about these servers. One of  the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they are free. Who wouldn't want to play WoW for free? My concern would be if Blizzard did decide to implement these Legacy servers, there would still be a subscription cost; Let's say $10 USD. People tend to forget that Blizzard is still a company and though the servers would be running the "vanilla" version of the game, they still need to pay people to maintain that. Would people still want to play on legacy server if it had a subscription cost? My final answer, yes, some still would, but many probably wouldn't.

I look at the game in the form it is in today. It looks beautiful, the game plays smoothly, I don't have to worry about being dismounted when I walk through a puddle or have to bother with buffing ever 30 minutes... oops, sorry. I'll be the first one to admit, I'll put on my rose colored goggles and remember the past like it was the best thing ever. I still love flying through the old zones, and going to secret places. This is the part of the game that drove me to create this blog. Perhaps that's the second thing that brings people to vanilla servers? Azeroth in it's purest form. Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. No flying, no Cataclysmic destruction, and the original tedious questing. I could definitely see the appeal of a legacy server to those people who never got to experience it, but would those people continue to play it after they saw how different it was from the game we have now? Some probably would, but the majority would probably just log off and never look back.

Nostalruis right before the server went down for good. (image from here)
"Warcraft is dying!" zone chat says as you look around and see one or two people questing, all from different servers. Who are these people? I log onto my server now and I immediately cannot pick out many of the old Skywall people. Every once in a while I will see a familiar face pop up, but the majority of people I see now are from the Drak'thul server. If it weren't for these server merges and CRZ zones, our Azeroth wouldn't feel very lively. Vanilla Warcraft did have a strong sense of community, and I totally understand that appeal. Someone was a ninja? You and everyone else knew. You needed a gem cut? I know just the person who is a pleasure to work with. That guild killed that boss tonight? Congrats, everyone would cheer (at least on Horse side of my server). Community with any hobby is strong. Everyone wants to be a part of the bigger picture, and I think the vanilla server community has that appeal. Would that bring people to play on legacy servers? Maybe, but I think you will get a better experience of making a Twitter account and engaging people that way.

I know I said a whole lot without really saying a whole lot, but the topic has been racing through my mind for the last week or two, and I just got around to writing it all down. I also disabled comments because this was mainly for me to get out my thoughts on the matter. Where do I sit on all of this? Well, I love the game how it currently is, but if Blizzard offered legacy servers, I'd definitely roll a character on there too. I would love to experience the old world and questing once again just for nostalgia sake. Knowing what I know now, I definitely think I would have much less deaths.

With all of that said, it seems this is something Blizzard are already talking about internally with this post on the official forums. While vanilla servers may be out of our reach, it's likely that we may see these pristine realms in the near future. This may help players who want that difficulty curve without all the problems of Blizzard running a vanilla server. Personally, I just don't think that's what people want, but the fact that Blizzard are also in contact with those who ran Nostalruis may be a good sign. Who knows what will happen. It will be interesting to see where this is going to go in the next few months.

By the way, I wasn't lying when I said that vanilla is actually my favorite flavor, but other others are just as good.

April 22, 2016

Happy Blogiversary: 8 Years

Where it all began.

Where do I even start? Today marks the eighth year that I've been writing about Warcraft, and the ninth year that I've been playing the game. If you asked me back then if I'd still be here now, I probably would have laughed at you. I never imagined after nine years that I'd still be playing this game either. Of course, things have changed and I don't write here as often and my play style has also become more casual than anything, including taking breaks like the one I'm currently on. Yet I am always drawn back into Azeroth. I almost can view it as my second home.

Through this journey I've met so many great people. Some have come and some have gone, but I never forget those who have been a part of my life. Since becoming active in the Twitter community I've met great artists, writers, role players, and just general fabulous players that go out of their way to help others. I'm honestly in awe of how socially awkward someone like me can be and still meet people online and build lasting friendships.

So what's in store for this place? Well, I'm not going anywhere! I have a few posts planned out for the next coming weeks, and when Legion hits, things will definitely be back in full swing; granted I'm not stuck in my class hall most of the time. I have a post on the controversial vanilla servers I will post next week, and that's one you may want to read. I'm also in the process of moving over my mass amounts of WoW screenshots to a better platform where I can share them all with you. This will definitely be announced when that's done.

So, here's to 8 years and hopefully many, many more. Let's dance!

A nod to my first post on the blog.

April 11, 2016

All I Got Was This Shirt!

I took a look at my banks; what a mess. I've pretty much given up any hope on organizing to see what gear and weapons I have until the Legion transmog system is released. Thank goodness I have a guild because I do store a lot of non soulbound items in there (Twilight Cultist set, starting items, Dalaran Wizard's Robe, etc.) My eyes immediately look over to my shirt collection. Not only does that take up the second largest percent of my inventory, but it also takes up a good bit of space in my guild bank. I know what I'll do, let me a list of what I have and then see what I'm missing! Something that I thought would take me about an hour or so ended up consuming most of my WoW playtime that day. You know what though, I didn't mind one bit!

I was shocked to see what I actually had. Some of my characters even had their original starter shirts - eww. I had no idea some of these had been removed from the game. Velgana was also only missing two patterns; Bright Yellow Shirt and Rich Purple Silk Shirt. I think it will be a while before I get the second pattern, but that didn't stop me from trying to farm it while I gathered up cloth to make other shirts. Let's just say that I'm well stocked up, and can make shirts for many. My guildies will probably get a t-shirt care package when Legion drops whether they like it or not!

So with my list looking a lot shorter, I decided to call it quits. Most of the remaining shirt on my list are purchased from vendors. All things easily picked up once the patch drops. I'm looking forward to Legion and all the new bag space it will bring. My guild bank will thank me as well. This will also probably help me feel less paranoid about losing certain items that are no longer available in game as well. If you're bored and have nothing to do, but still want to be in Azeroth, I definitely suggest having a look through your banks and attempt to get organized. You never know what treasures you're going to find in there. *cough*

February 17, 2016

Love is Not in the Air

Hello again! It feels like life is swirling around me right now, and I'm trying to get back into my normal routine. My WoW subscription ran out this past weekend, but it fell in the middle of Valentine's Day and my birthday. By the way, both of those were absolutely lovely and served as a reminder that I have lovely friends I've made through the WoW community on Facebook, Twitter, and more recently, Tumblr. So with all of that, I didn't worry about renewing my subscription until last night. Like before, I'm still using tokens. I was keeping an eye on them and hoping that the steep 38k was going to drop a bit lower once Love is in the Air started. At about a -2k difference, I bought one for a little over 36k last night. Ouch.

... and they don't even light the candles!
To be honest, I'm not even sure why I bought one. I had plans to try again this year for the Big Love Rocket, but then I hit a sudden realization this morning while doing my garrison chores - I don't care. This is the year that I have the most max level characters to kill the bosses. This would give me a very good chance, but I somehow can't be bothered. As a collector, this is out of the ordinary for me, and I'm not sure if it's just the burnout of WoD or the fact that I'd never use the mount. I think since we still have months left to this expansion I'm stressing myself out with alts. I'll get it done though. Only three left to go!

So what did I do with my time instead of farming love charms and the mount? I brought my tauren druid to Dalaran! I do this with a few of my alts for different holidays since I have some of the stranger combinations. I parked Steaknfries right in front of the bank by the Sunreaver's Sanctuary and stayed for about two hours. I had various lovely people give me thanks after getting their achievement, some silly flirtations regarding my funny name, and I even made a dwarf buddy who danced and chatted with me. Having little moments like that makes me realize why I love this game and that there is still good out there in the community. I'll be doing this everyday while the event goes on. If you see me, give a /wave!

And as if I already didn't feel like time is flying by, Facebook decided to dish out a lovely reminder that it's the three year anniversary of me receiving my Mini Tyrael! Seriously, it feels like I just won that thing from Warcraft Pets. It's funny that I'm complaining about time passing by too fast, and I want it to slow down; on the other hand I want Legion to hurry up and be here. Where is a bronze dragon when you need them? Maybe I can just cast ice block and hope that I remain in a stasis for a few more months, then time can resume normally!

January 22, 2016

Paladin... Once Again

Hello, yes, I'm the person leveling up a paladin once again. Well, at least I was leveling one up. I've been having this on and off again relationship with them for as long as I can remember. I tried out a human female way back in BC before I settled on a blood elf male. I named him Bubbleyum, and before I even got anywhere, I was bitten by the low level pvp bug during Wrath. At the time, I decided to go with the 30s bracket, thus locking my paladin at level 39 and "twinking" him out. I cannot remember the amount of times I ran Razorfen Downs for X'caliboar off of Ragglesnout (who was a rare spawn) or the countless amount of runs through all of Scarlet Monastery. I used the libram to enchant my headpiece and leveled up mining and skinning for the stat boost. I even cheated when the Jormungar Leg Armor was able to be applied to BoE legs and sent to a low level character. I never did get my Pendulum of Doom and I wasn't crazy enough to buy the really expensive Naxx shoulder enchants, but I was still pretty tough in battlegrounds.

So new expansions came, the zones changed, and heirlooms were introduced. I always thought about bringing Bubbleyum back into pvp, but I couldn't do it. So there he stayed in the city, full Scarlet set, stuck at level 39, and forced to be my bank alt. So why not level him? The answer is simple - once he hits level 40, he can no longer wear the Scarlet set. I mean, sure he can wear it and run around, but he can't transmog to it. This breaks my heart no matter how lore breaking it may be. (I see you lore people rolling your eyes!) So what did I do during WoD since I always wanted a paladin of my own? You guessed it, I started leveling up another.

Here is Fennel. We had such great plans. We had just made it to Northrend when Legion brought some rather interesting news. Of course the game is still in alpha so a lot of things are still up in the air. I was actually in the process of leveling while taking my alt+tab twitter break when I scrolled past this:
What?! Is it true?! My oh so loved Scarlet set may be getting changed to a plate set. Another thing was that classes that eventually are able to wear plate/mail will start out with that armor proficiency instead of learning them at 40. I was so thrilled that I logged out and left Fennel in the inn. If this change stays for Legion, which I'm hoping it does, I will be unlocking my original paladin and using my Legion boost on him. He's had to wait a long time, but hopefully that all changes. If things don't go as planned then I will boost Fennel and continue on as I originally planned. I know it's such a minor thing compared to all the other stuff that Legion has in store for us, but I think it's time for me to get back to playing the only paladin that ever truly mattered to me.