February 11, 2015

Pigletoos and Velgana by Faebelina

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Since last year when I won a piece of art of Velgana, I fell in love with the idea of getting my character drawn. I made a promise to myself that each year I would try to get a new piece from a different artist. So towards the end of last year, I started the process of looking for which artist to pick. I have a bookmarks folder dedicated to some amazing artists that I would love to commission some day.

When I first saw Faebelina's art, I instantly fell in love. The thing that drew me to her style was her use of colors. Everything always looks so rich and vibrant! She also puts so much detail into her drawings and sketches that they come to life! I was thrilled to see that she was opening up commissions, so I jumped on board as soon as I could. Lucky for me I was able to get in an opening.

Originally I was just going to get Velgana drawn, but my boyfriend saw her art and decided he wanted to turn it into a couples portrait. Since we didn't get each other anything for our 9 year anniversary, this was the perfect gift. We've been playing WoW together for almost the same amount of time, and we have a lot of good memories with this game. We went with Nagrand as our background since we spent a good bit of time there in the Burning Crusade, and more recently ended up hanging around on the floating islands playing with all of the junk from the toy box.

While Fae is currently closed for commissions, please keep an eye out for her opening in the future. Also if you're planning on going to Blizzcon this year, may I suggest thinking about ordering a badge from her since she plans on doing those also. Below are some links where you can find out more about the wonderful art of Faebelina.

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/faebelina
Tumblr - http://faebelina.tumblr.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Faebelina

January 30, 2015

Hooked on Mini Pets

I can't believe I've had this blog for almost the entire time I've been playing WoW and haven't went into detail about what got me hooked on my favorite things to collect in game - mini pets! This post came to mind as I was preparing to clean up my WarcraftPet's profile. I figured it would be better to put this here since I have more room to talk about it.

I often like to ask people, what was the first mini pet you remember getting? I'm pretty positive mine were the Senegal and Cockatiel off of Narkk in Booty Bay. I clearly remember keeping one on me and placing the other in my bank. Not long after that I remember running Deadmines and getting the Green Wing Macaw to drop from there. I felt like a pirate!

I went on with my WoW life, still not completely hooked on collecting. I remember when the Azure Whelpling was released in patch 2.3 (The Zul'Aman patch). It was pretty highly sought after on my server at least. I had a friend who wanted it really bad. I used to fish in Azshara probably more than I'd like to admit, so I passed the blue dragonkins that dropped it quite often. Well one day when I was passing, I killed one, and it dropped. I was shocked and quite excited. This began my unhealthy obsession with collecting mini pets!

It's around this time that I made friends with another collector. He's now my oldest Warcraft friend, and we still talk to this day. I'm not sure what got him to start collecting, but we were always talking about who got what pet most recently, and what pet we were going for next. I clearly remember us both hunting for the Black Tabby off of the Ambermill Spellscribe. I'm not sure who got their's first, but I remember we both eventually got it. I also remember by the end of Burning Crusade we both had no more room in our banks/bags for anymore pets since they weren't a learned spell yet!

I also remember some of my more frustrating times. I used to kill so many pirates for the Hyacinth Macaw, but I never was lucky enough to get it to drop. I also used to spend hours upon hours in the Swamp of Sorrows farming for the Emerald Whelp. It was so bad that I remember a guildie asking me why in the world was I always there, hah. I have no regrets on any of this or the amount of gold I've probably spent on getting some of the rarer ones. The only regret I have is that I didn't start playing the game early enough to get a vanilla collectors edition!

I've also met so many wonderful people through the WarcraftPets community, and just in general from collecting pets. They start conversations, and I love it when I can gift unsuspecting people with a pet they don't have. I can't wait to see what's in store for mini pets, and as always, I'm looking forward to expanding my collection!

January 22, 2015

Mysterious Talador Flower

I haven't done any exploration recently, and I'm pretty ashamed of myself for not doing it. This was how my blog got started after all! Have no fear, I will be attempting to explore every area of Draenor that I can in the upcoming months. I want to carefully comb over each zone at a time, but I stumbled across this while treasure hunting in Talador, and I couldn't wait to talk about it. I love to fully explore a zone, and after finding a cute little Draenei couple having a picnic, I realized I didn't check what was on the uphill slope across from them. I'm also the type of person who is "click all the things!" so when I initially found this flower, I did just that. (Coordinates 37,91)

A small event played out before me, but I have no idea what really happened. An orc came out of the ground and gave a Burning Blademaster a flower. The Blademaster smells it, freaks out screaming "Please... no flowers...", and then gets assassinated. I was pretty sad I didn't take any screenshots since I was watching the events play out before my eyes, so when I quested there on my alt, it was one of the first places I went to.

I was shocked to see that this wasn't a treasure, and I received no item from looting it. I decided to do a little research. Supposedly it was a toy item in beta, but never made it to the live version of the game. It was called Mysterious Flower. Doing a bit more research on WoWpedia netted a few broken pages, but a little more information. It seems as though each zone was going to have a flower. My guess is that once the player found every flower in each zone, the toy would be rewarded to them. Regardless of everyone saying that the other flowers were not available in the other zones, I had to check for myself. Of course, everyone was right, but that still doesn't stop me from checking every once in a while!

Many have speculated this is a tribute to the Flowerpicker Clan, an easter egg from Warcraft II. The Orc assassin definitely fits by being dressed in blue. Here is a picture of the female counterpart.

Mysterious Orc
I'm guessing when the toy item was removed in live, they forgot to take out this flower. Things like this always bother the collector and adventurer in me. I always want it to be more - maybe it's a hidden item that no one has discovered. Sadly it's just usually something that's been overlooked. Hopefully one day this item makes it into the game for all of the toy collectors out there.

January 12, 2015

A Nod to the Past

The 10th Anniversary event was supposed to end this past week but due to a blunder over at Blizzard, it was extended. Me and Pigletoos ended up running Molten Core during the first week that it came out. We had prepped a good bit beforehand by doing dungeons, and I even got my Darkmoon Faire trinket made. The run was pretty smooth, and we had no wipes. Of course I didn't get the cosmetic enchant or the mini pet. I ended up buying my Hatespark the Tiny on a different server for a pretty decent deal considering the rarity of the little thing. I really wish that the drop rate for both things were a bit higher considering some of the long queue times I've heard people talking about.

Too soon!
Southshore vs. Tarren Mill was something I was more excited to participate in. I remember leveling up through Hillsbrad Foothills back in BC and always seeing world PvP going on around the area. It took me quite a while before Horde managed to push through and win a game. I actually won my match the day that Highmaul was released, so maybe all the really good Alliance players were raiding that night! Thinking about that makes me giggle. Anyway, while the throwback was fun, I don't think I'd like to do that over and over again. I'm sure there are some that would disagree with me.

This makes me think of a semi heated conversation I had last week with an online friend that used to play WoW. They were basically saying the game isn't like it was in BC, and that gear is super easy to come by, and when you killed a boss back then it actually meant something. Well, I didn't agree with them at all. Yes, the game is definitely not the same game as it was... even a year ago! It evolves and changes with every expansion. I also didn't really find gear was that difficult to come by even in BC. When I stepped into my first raid, I had a full Spellfire set with my other two pieces of Spellstrike. Sure it took me sometime to craft all of it, but doing cloth trades made it much easier. I eventually replaced things as I ran raids and collected badges of justice. Lastly, as for feeling that killing a boss isn't epic anymore, there is mythic raiding. I admire and respect the guilds who are clearing that place. I love seeing my Twitter friends getting excited on their boss kills. They worked hard for that and should be proud.

While events like this give us a tiny glimpse into the past, I personally think that the game is much better than it was back then. My only complaint with WoD right now is that garrisons can be quite tedious if you have a ton of alts, and I wish the Apexis daily gave a little rep with a faction on turn in. Sometimes it's better if we take off the rose colored glasses and look at the game how it's meant to be seen currently. It's nice to look back on the past and think about those feats we achieved, but we must move on and adapt with the new times. I think Garrosh said it best himself.

December 22, 2014

The Icecrown Challenge

Last week the lovely Ratsel tagged me in a post to participate in her Icecrown Challenge. While this is a tough time of year for a lot of people, including me and Pig, I still decided to donate what I could because it's for a cause that hits close to home.

In 1998 I lost my brother Matt to suicide. This is something that still effects my family, and it's something that you never truly "get over". It always hits me really hard when I read about someone in the community (online and in real life) or a celebrity takes their own life. I immediately get transported back to the day it happened. It sucks that I had to grow up without him, and now that I'm older, we have so much in common. He loved metal music, video games, and craft beer. These are three things I absolutely adore. He was also a fantasy nerd and loved playing Dungeons and Dragons. I just know he would have loved World of Warcraft, and I just wish I would have been able to introduce him to Azeroth. As I type this with tears in my eyes, I have to remember that even though he's not here in person, he's been here in spirit and got to experience everything from afar. I can't wait for the day where I see him again, and give him a big hug. Love you my brother.

I was going to run ICC with my niece Selindri, but since she's been enjoying her holiday break, I really didn't want to bother her about it. My love Pigletoos decided he would do it with me. This is our picture after we defeated Arthas. I think we look pretty cute in our Winter Veil outfits!

I'd like to thank Ratsel for hosting this charity event for such a wonderful foundation. It not only means a lot to me, but I know it means a lot to a ton of other people out there also. I'm supposed to tag three people to do this, but I don't want to make anyone feel like they need to. So, if you're reading this and would like to participate, please do so. Even if you can't run ICC, you can still donate! Every little bit counts. To learn more, you can visit the links below.

- The Icecrown Challenge
- The Donation Page
- American Foundation for Suicide