December 18, 2014

Warlord Thoughts

I cannot believe it's coming up on almost a month since I've blogged. I've really been way too busy playing and enjoying the expansion. I've added so many new goodies to my collections lately that I can't remember them all. I know I've gotten a variety of mini pets, including Syd the Squid! That has been on my want list for a long time now. It was just a matter of getting it to drop from a bag. I've also added Drake of the South Wind to my mount collection this week. It's nice to cross one more old raid off my weekly list.

I also got some gear upgrades recently: Belt of Singing Hooves and Rotmonger Bracers. I like the pace at which I'm getting gear. I'm slowly getting upgrades, and I now have to look over each and focus more on the stats rather than item level. I'm currently 628, and with the buff to mages I'm definitely not struggling as bad as I was at the beginning of the expansion. I've also been running dungeons with my niece, nephew, a mutual friend, and Pigletoos. My goal is to have us all doing heroics which is a tremendous for all of us since some of them are extremely casual players.

Even though I'm having an overall positive experience with the expansion, there are still a few things that I'm not liking. I'm not liking fishing at all. I finally completed the Draenor Angler achievement, and I didn't think that one was too bad, but after looking at my bags, I was confused. Blizzard said that they added all these extra featured, reagent bank, toy box, ect. to get rid of clutter, but I feel like fishing has just caused more. I need to fish up bait to catch a certain amount of different versions of each fish to be able to "skin" the fish to use in other recipes... really? I wish it was back to fish up the fish you need, cook it, profit. I had to vendor so many stacks of fish meat just to clean up my bags. Now it takes up two rows in my reagent bank, but whatever.

Another thing that was just a minor annoyance was archaeology. I was working on an Arakkoa solve that needed 250 fragments. Well, I didn't know that it caps your fragments out to 200, and you have to use the Arakkoa Ciphers to complete it. This is fine for people who never use them, but for someone like me who constantly uses them to speed up discoveries, it was annoying.

The reputation grinds also seem to be pretty tedious. I understand Blizzard not wanting to add a ton of dailies, but I would love at least one or two to give 250 reputation with a faction. I will be grinding out mobs for the remainder of the expansion at this rate. I have set a goal. I'm starting with the Frostwolf Orc clan and at least trying to grind out 1000 reputation per day. This way I'm not killing myself, but I'm still making progress. I can't complain too much though, because I'm also getting drops of Iron Horde Scraps for transmog. It's all working out perfectly!

The Holidays are here and in full effect. I've been doing my Winter Veil things, and getting RL present shopping done. I've also been nominated for the Icecrown Challenge. Me and my niece will be participating in it next week, and talk more about that in a later post. For now, have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and don't forget to stop and enjoy the small things around this time of year.

November 28, 2014

Here's Poundfist!

I will be honest, I never thought I would camp for this mount just because of all the hype surrounding it. While looking through the new mounts, I had my heart set on getting the Sapphire Riverbeast from Silthide, but I never decided to camp for it. I figured I should work on gearing out my main and leveling up her professions. Well on Sunday I planned on fishing and maybe starting to capture rares of all the wild pets of Gorgrond. When I got to the zone, everyone was in a buzz about Poundfist starting to spawn on EU realms. My interest shifted from pet battling to camping. I ended up looking through group finder until I found a raid that was just forming on the Venture Co. realm. Being on a PvP realm always makes me feel a little nervous, but to my surprise, everyone was well behaved. We were even working with the small group of Alliance that were camping also. After about 8 hours of waiting, he spawned. I am happy to say that not only did the entire 40 man Horde group get a tag, but the Alliance group did, and a few others who came when it was announced in trade.

So yesterday I went on with what I had originally planned to do Sunday. Skywall/Drak'thul seemed to be one of the last servers to get the Poundfist spawn, and it wasn't nice at all. From what I gathered from chat, even though there were multiple groups waiting for him, a small group had him spawn close to Breaker's Crown and nuked him down without telling anyone. Needless to say a lot of people were heartbroken, and my heart definitely goes out to them.

Hope is not all lost! He will return! After clicking through numerous threads on the forums and reading WoWhead for information, I've compiled a small list to help people who feel hopeless with this rare spawn.

- 48 Hours: It seems that the server has to be up for at least a full 48 hours before he begins to spawn again. Keep this in mind with server restarts.

- Spawn Locations: He has 5 spawn locations that are easily cover able by a large group. I personally set my heartstone to Breaker's Crown since my group was camping north, and if he were to spawn around there it would have been faster for me to hearth instead of wait for a summon or try to run.

- Teamwork: On the rare occasion where each faction is willing to work together, this is a great advantage. We don't live in a perfect world, but it's worth a try to see if the opposite faction would be willing to make friends for at least a little while.

- He's up: CC can be used on him to help ensure everyone from your group can get to him (NO Mind Control at all because I've read that it can cause him to despawn).

Now for the bad stuff. There are the people who try to kill it as fast as possible just to upset everyone else. This is exactly what happened on my main server. Another frustrating issue is server phasing. I've read reports of people on the same server having issues seeing him because their group was in a different phase. Sometimes he appears on the multiple phases, and sometimes he doesn't. I guess this is just the luck of the draw.

Of course, if you still don't get him, there is always next time. Don't burn yourself out over a mount. Warlords of Draenor isn't going away any time soon, and chances are the hype surrounding him will also fade away in time. Good luck to you all and happy hunting!

November 12, 2014

Blizzcon 2014 and Waiting for Warlords

So this past weekend was Blizzcon. I watched it comfortably from my couch at home. Sadly there wasn't much to talk about in the WoW department, but I was definitely excited to see some of the pictures from the movie. I'm also still a little disappointed that people with the virtual ticket weren't allowed to view the "clips upstairs" everyone kept hyping. Each faction had their own movie site ( and where you could sign up and receive an image pack that had a few avatars and different sizes of what I'm assuming will be the official movie posters. I totally will need to get each one for my gaming room!

Of course, Blizzcon couldn't be complete without some snacks and drinks. I ended up making a green drink to mimic the Blood of Mannoroth. It was non-alcoholic, but I'm sure you could throw in some of your favorite liquor to give it more of a kick. I might make myself another one of these for the release night of Warlords.

Blood of Mannoroth Drink

1-3 scoops lime sherbet
1 part ginger ale
1 part lemon/lime soda

Place the scoops of lime sherbet into the bottom of the glass, and pour the ginger ale and soda on top. As the sherbet melts into the liquids, it will create a sickly green hue in the glass. Enjoy! (Note: May cause a demon craze or blood lust... drink at your own risk!)

Since I've pretty much accomplished most things I wanted to do before Warlords releases, I will just be leveling up my alt mage and pet battling most of this week. Me and Grommloc can't wait to take over Draenor! See you on the other side of the Dark Portal!

October 24, 2014

The Iron Tide

Last week we said goodbye to the era of MoP. Many people gathered to pay their respects to the Dark Portal. There was a ton PvP, silly talking, and just a lot of people hanging out and having a good time. I was pet battling in Nagrand, and the first time I went check there weren't many people. After about an hour, everyone starting gathering. I wish I could have stayed up until the servers went down, but I spend about 3 hours hanging out and even got to meet up with some people from Twitter.

After the patch dropped, I felt overwhelmed as always. Thankfully the days before I spent organizing my bags on my main and alts and placing them in the city so that they could be ready to go. Logging in felt a bit odd with the new character models and specs. To be honest, I didn't have any trouble at all looking over the new specs, re-glyphing, and re-gemming if I had to. My mage feels pretty good, and as fire I can pull pretty decent DPS. After I took some time with each of my characters, I decided to play though the event area in the Blasted Lands.

I really liked the quest line and while it was short, I definitely prefer this to just a scenario. I really liked the rewards that were given also and that you get a title at the end. The items helped a few of my alts replace a few pieces they didn't upgrade yet. The two mini pets from the event are absolutely adorable even though the Iron Starlette can make quite a ruckus! I also had to kill quite a few orcs to get the Bronze Whelpling to drop, but I'm sure Vol'jin would be pleased.

Hallow's End is going on now, and I spent last weekend Trick-or-Treating around Azeroth so I could get both mini pets. I managed to buy both and have a few candies left over to start saving towards getting some Yipp-Saron costumes. Those go perfectly with my Old God Fan Club so I definitely want to try to buy a few stacks. This is also another year that I get a chance at the Headless Horseman's mount. It's been 7 years and still nothing. Let's just say we don't have a good friendship at all... maybe this year he will be nice to me if I promise to share my candy with him.

September 19, 2014

Brawls For All

So if you follow me on Twitter, then you know last week and this week was filled with me venting my frustrations about Brawler's Guild. I was finally able to complete it this week after banging my head over and over into the different fight. So as I sit around on the Skybag and look down below on the people fighting through the ranks, I can't help but smile.

I don't really view myself as a good player, and I've never been really good at moving my character around while maintaining a constant rotation. I have to say that Brawler's Guild has definitely helped me in this sense. This was a personal goal I had set for myself to complete, and I couldn't be more proud. In this post I would like to talk about what bosses gave me the most trouble so that maybe some others who are struggling may be able to beat them. I've taken these suggestions from a bunch of different sites. I'm in no way claiming to be an expert on anything, and these are just things that worked for me.

The first fight that I seriously never thought I would get pass was G.G Engineering. I kept taking massive amounts of damage due to the fact that I kept getting hit with the rockets that get thrown out by Max Megablast. I ended up going frost spec for this fight so I had a little more survivability, and I didn't stand on top of Bo Bobble the entire time like I kept reading others doing. Instead, when I would see that Goblin Rocket Barrage was starting, then I would make an effort to be close to Bo so they would have a chance to hit him. When I beat them, I think it was just because I was pulling high dps.

My next challenge, like many people, was Hexos. The BEST piece of information I found was don't guide yourself through the maze, guide Hexos instead. This worked perfectly since our ISP isn't really the best, and I'm usually around 80 latency on a good night. I went fire for this fight, and I kept my ratation pretty simple - no more than 5 or so moves not including cooldowns. I thought I would be stuck on this fight for a long time, but I was wrong. I beat him the second day I got to him. Not too shabby!

Nibbleh was a pain! I was fire spec again for this fight and used all my instant cast moves. I used the "show move pad" option which allowed me to toggle a backwards walk. I also used the RP walk so I was going slower that usual. I was walking him around fine, but for some reason I would get hung up on the corners. Sometimes he would stop, and it would cause him to get stacks of his poison. I read a comment that said to prevent this from happening, make a curved edge rather than a 90° angle. This ended up working perfectly, and after an afternoon of fighting him, he was done.

Of course Blizzard couldn't have just been like, "Good job, you made it this far! Here is your mount!" Nope! Ahoo'ru stands in the way of that, and to make matters worse he's judging you, ugh. I tried and I tried, and I just couldn't do it. I ended up getting frustrated on two different nights, logged off and cried. The night before I beat him I actually killed him but died to the rain of fire. I was devastated. The next day I poked my head around and reevaluated the fight. What helped me a ton was the use of the Pi'jiu Brews that drop off the ghost in the Pi'jiu Village on the Timeless Isle. There are 3 different kinds, and you can use each one during the fight. I farmed 10 of each, and I didn't even need to use them all. I also made myself Drums of the Forgotten Kings as I was usually alone with no one else to buff me. On Wednesday I finally got the perfect Angel spawns complete with perfect DPS to be able to defeat him well before rain of fire began.

So with a sigh of relief, it was all over. I bought my mount, and I left! Was it tough? Towards the end, yes. Was it fun? As much as I complained, yes it was fun, and I'm looking forward to the new bosses in Warlords. Do I have some advice? Make your buff food, buy good flasks, pre-pot, mess with your spec, try out different things. Keep bashing your head into it over and over. I found every attempt I would put in would make me get closer and closer to winning. So don't give up, keep going, if I can do it then you can definitely do it!