September 26, 2016

Fish Fry!

One of my favorite pastimes - fishing. Not really! I absolutely hate fishing IRL. I remember my father taking me when I was younger, and I thought it was the most boring thing ever. I'd usually release all the bait fish in hopes that we'd get to go home sooner. I did enjoy the smell of the sea water and sometimes seeing the porpoise swimming around. It's good memories though. However, fishing in Warcraft, I could do that all day. Put a cold drink by my side, blast some of my favorite music, and I'm all set.

My good friend, Nat Pagle.
So when I found out that there would be a fishing artifact, I was really happy. I previously won the Northrend fishing competition once and the Booty Bay competition twice in my years of playing WoW, so this was going to be another one of those achievements for myself. With El's Extreme Anglin' gone, I had to search elsewhere for information. While I don't mind using WoWhead for guides, I do prefer sites that are mainly dedicated to a certain thing (such as WarcraftPets for mini pets and Petopia for hunters). I did manage to find a pretty well put together guide that I used. Here is the link for those that are curious.

I went into the expansion knowing about the artifact, so as I leveled through each zone, I'd fish in many of the pools that I'd come across. I know the guide says to use arcane lures from Conjurer Margoss, but the reality for me is that I haven't even visited him yet - oops! That's right, I did this all without. I don't necessarily think it took longer for me, and maybe having those lures would have helped. With my old fishing line, hat, and boots, I was fishing at around 855. Sometimes I'd also use Worm Supreme, so I'm not sure using an arcane lure would have made a difference or not. It's too late to sit here and wonder about it now.

I can't give many tips except to definitely pay attention to the fishing dailies in each zone. I was able to complete one in Highmountain that awarded me with an item for a rare bait. Another thing I learned from browsing many threads was that despite being able to catch the items for the axefish lure and ravenous fly in the ocean, you need to be in the Great Sea to effectively use them. So once you catch them, swim out and use your bait. I liked the open sea off of Sauramar. Lots of little rock islands to sit on and quietly fish from.

So what's next in my fishing plans? Well I will slowly work on leveling up my artifact when the time strikes me. I also plan on finally getting myself acquainted with Conjurer Margoss. There is a mount and mini pet I need from him. I'm also going to take some time and work on The Wish Remover since I have the original achievement. However, my biggest wish would be to see a new fishing competition or possible a revamp of the old one. I won't be holding my breath with this, but as with all things, you never know what the future will bring.

September 15, 2016

Memories of Ebonchill

As a frost mage, I tend to have a bit more of an advantage when it comes to gathering reputation. Ebonchill has this lovely ability called The Council's Wisdom which gives us frost mages a buff that increases reputation gain by 5%. This is wonderful, especially as you're working towards that Nightfallen reputation to move forward in that quest line, but keep in mind that it doesn't persist through death. This buff can be acquired in Dalaran by talking to one of the Council of Tirisfal memories. These "memories" are actually NPCs that are located in certain parts of the city. While these aren't hard to find, I thought it would be nice to have a little visual guide for those who may have a little trouble or just want to see what the NPCs look like. Though to be fair, I spent way too long looking for Eldragosa who is a large dragon laying on a building. She's not hard to miss yet I ran past her a few times that day!

Blinks was the first memory I was shown via the quest, so I didn't have any issues remembering where this little guy is sitting. You'll have to go in a building for this one. He's on the balcony of the Photonic Playground at about 42,48.

One wouldn't think that a large dragon taking a nap on a building would be something hard to spot, but believe it or not, this one gave me the most trouble. I never thought of looking up while looking for this memory so imagine my surprise when I found it. Eldragosa can be found napping on the herbalist building at about 44,33.

Eve can be found reading a book near the Antonidas Memorial at around 47,17.

Little "Fidge" is pretty easy to spot since she's at a location you either hearth to or pass by going in and out of the city. She is at the entrance to Krasus' Landing at 61,44.

Fiora can be found sipping her glass of wine upstairs in the Violet Citadel. She is located by a table around 24,50.

Seanus (I wonder who he is a reference too... hmmm? lol) is sitting on the stoop of Glorious Goods. He can be found at 51,67.

Finally we have Vyrin who is looking over a map in the Legermain Lounge. He is standing toward the back of the room at about 48,41.

It's also worth mentioning that the quest Memories of Ebonchill tells us we can seek out a different member each day, sadly there is no achievement tied to this. Hopefully this little visual guide helped if you were having trouble finding them. Now you have no excuse to not buff yourself before going fight through those world quests!

September 7, 2016

Legion: First Thoughts

So Legion has been out a week, and I've had enough time to experience each zone, really think about them, and form my own thoughts about it all. Though it's still too early in the expansion to say "Oh my gosh, this is the best thing ever!", I will say that I'm having much more fun than I had at level in WoD. I have so much to do now that I'm max level that it's overwhelming, but also a breath of fresh air. I'm going to try not to post any zone spoilers, but if you didn't fully quest in an area, you may wan to skip out on reading the section below.

Stormheim: This was the first zone I decided to go to for only one reason - the Gilneas/Forsaken conflict. I was not disappointed, and I'm glad Sylvanas finally got the smirk knocked off of her face because she was doing some shady stuff there. I loved every quest, and the entire story of the zone. The landscape is beautiful and reminded me of the first time I ever stepped foot into Northrend (Howling Fjord). Since completing the zone and going back to explore, I've been finding hidden quests here and there, including one along the coast from a fine murloc gentleman.

Azuna: This was my next choice to quest in because I think that this is one of the prettiest areas in the Broken Isles even though most of it is crumbling into the water. I didn't really care for the intro quest where I was flown to the demon hunter camp, but I'm glad the zone got much better. The blue dragonflight quests and following the story of Prince Farondis made me fall in love all over again. As with Stormheim, the side quests were all really fun and even sometimes funny. I plan on spending a lot of time in this zone, especially after hearing that the mysterious Long Forgotten Hippogryph is around here. I love a good mystery!

Highmountain: This was one of my favorite comics, so I had "high" hopes, heh. I was disappointed. I didn't enjoy the repeat quests for each tribe to kill harpys, and I thought not only the main city, but the entire zone, was a bit of a pain to navigate. The only thing that I enjoyed were the side quests, and thankfully there are many good ones. I won't spoil anything, but there is also a snail race, and I think that is pretty cool. Aside from that, this is a zone that I am dreading bringing my alts through and will probably always save it for last.

Val'sharah: I saved what I thought was going to be the best for last, but it wasn't my favorite zone, and definitely not the worst. I enjoyed it. The zone was beautiful and the quests involving Xavius and the corruption was sweeping through the land was really interesting to experience. However, this area was definitely soured a bit by the ridiculous love story that is Tyrande and Malfurion. I get it, you love him. I don't need you to tell me every 5 minutes. *eyeroll* The final scene with Ysera was beautiful and brought a tear to my eye once again. Only Blizzard can invoke such emotions in me about a video game.

So after I completed the main quests for each zone and most of the side quests, I found myself about 2 bars into 109. What? This is the first time I was genuinely confused that I might have missed something, so I began sweeping back over each area. Sadly I guess because I didn't complete most zone objectives, this put me at a disadvantage. So going back and searching, picking up a lost quest here and there, I hit 110 on a tailoring quest. Pretty sad so I didn't even bother taking a screenshot. This was the first time I ever ran into this problem, and not one I was really happy about.

So now I've been venturing into Suramar a little more each day. I can't really comment on it other than it's beautiful and I really love First Arcanist Thalyssra. I make sure to check on my budding settlement daily and keep my elves well fed. No one will be mana hungry while I'm around! World quests are also great, and I've gotten a few upgrades. My final thing I need to get done are my dungeon quests for the other Pillars of Creation. As someone who goes into full panic mode to run stuff with random players, I will be trying to schedule a run with my wonderful friends so I don't have to worry. Anyway, I hope you are all having fun in Legion so far. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you liked or didn't like about your leveling experience!

August 29, 2016

Dark Whispers and the Banshee Queen

If you have spent any time in a major city during the Legion pre-event, chances are you were effected with the debuff that caused you to turn into a dreadlord, or maybe you saw another person turn into one instead. A player who knows what they are doing can cause quite an amount of chaos in the city until they are defeated. This isn't all that far fetched as dreadlords (or Nathrezim) are commonly known to be masters of manipulation and can use these abilities to weasel their way into positions of power without anyone knowing. Before I get started I wanted to say that this post isn't going to be about the "Jaina is a dreadlord" theory. In my opinion, that's just stupid. Instead this is going to be my theory on why Sylvanas was put into her new role as Warchief of the Horde.

Up ahead contains Legion spoilers, so if you haven't don't the Broken Shore scenario, turn back now. As with all post like this, read it with your tin-foil hat on as this is meant to be fun. Let's begin!

We will talk more about Lady Sylvanas and her new status a bit later. Right now, let's travel back to Wrath of the Lich King and earlier expansions. If you happened to visit the Banshee Queen around that time, by her side was a dreadlord named Varimathras. He and the Dark Lady had quite a strained history. He first helped her by giving her information vital to escaping the grasp of Arthas and the Lich King. Shortly after this he offered her to join the Legion, which she refused, making her an enemy. She brought her army against his forces, but before his defeat he pleaded with her to spare him since he had information on the locations of other demons. She agreed to this and together they hunted down and killed his brethren. Standing by her side as Majordomo, he eventually helped her to build up her Forsaken empire. Of course there is much more to his backstory, and you can read all about it over on WoWpedia.

Things went on seemingly normal until the Battle for Undercity. Varimathras had gotten not only Professor Putress, but many other members of the Royal Apothecary Society on his side. He had not only remained loyal to the Legion all those years, but he did it right under the Banshee Queen's nose. His plans were to overthrow her leadership on Undercity and take control of the Forsaken. During this now removed quest, each faction took different paths with the Alliance defeating Putress and the Horde "defeating" Varimathras. You can view the Alliance side and the Horde side on Youtube. It gives a pretty good idea to what went on during these quests.

Fast forward to current times and the Broken Shore scenario. During the Horde's final stand against Gul'dan and the Legion, they are overrun and Warchief is gravely injured. Vol'jin tells Lady Sylvanas "do not let the Horde die this day". It is here she is forced to make the decision to pull back the Horde forces. This is possibly a decision she did not want to make as she knew it would cause more faction tension. Her apprehension can be seen over her face as their boats leave the shore. Once back in the city, the Horde get a bonus cinematic - the death of the Warchief. It is here, in front of each faction leader that Vol'jin states to the Banshee Queen: "The spirits have granted me clarity - a vision. They whisper a name many will not understand, but you must step out of the shadows and lead. You must be Warchief."

A shocked Sylvanas.
At this moment not only are the other leaders, namely Baine, possibly the player (depending on how you view Sylvanas), and also Sylvanas herself shocked by this revelation. While everyone was celebrating the victory of this fan favorite picked as Warchief, my mind couldn't help but going back to Varimathras and all they had been though. We now know that demons can only be killed in the Twisting Nether, so anyone defeated elsewhere can always come back. Many previously defeated demons can even be seen on the Alliance side of the Broken Shore scenario. Once again, dreadlords throughout the years have used their powers to sway different things to go their way. To name a few, Balnazzar disguising himself to infiltrate the Scarlet Crusade, Mal'ganis guiding Arthas to become the next Lich King, and Sathrovarr possessing Kalecgos. With this information, I don't think Vol'jin was hearing whispers of the spirts. Instead, he was hearing the dark whispers of a dreadlord.

So if this is true, what would Varimathras gain out of having Sylvanas in such a high position? Well if you were Alliance, you don't know what happened on the Horde side of the Broken Shore. To you it would have looked like the Horde retreated, leaving you to die. This raises faction tension once again. If you're busy fighting each other, things can start to slip in through the cracks. Secondly, it's uncertain how the other leaders of the Horde feel toward the Banshee Queen. Her manner of continuing on the Forsaken race had always been a questionable practice. Perhaps some will not agree on the way she choses to do things. Tension with the opposite faction is one thing, but when your own people turn on you, then you have trouble. Lastly we know she will be heading to the Broken Isle, perhaps Varimathras will use this opportunity to overthrow her as he once tried many years ago. The odds would be in his favor this time. So I ask again, what would Varimathras gain? Let's just say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

August 24, 2016

Legion Invasions

So in my last post, many preparations and decisions were being made before Legion launched. I managed to clean up the remainder of my alts inventories and even managed to begin collecting cloth dungeon items on Vel. I'm starting with vanilla dungeons, and I'm very happy to announce that I've gotten quite a few out of the way. This is something I hope I can continue to work on as I can find the time. So what else have I been doing? Ah yes, enjoying the heartbreaking scenarios that is the start to Legion. Now if you haven't played yet and don't want spoilers, please stop reading here as I'm not putting anything under a cut - You've been warned.

As I logged in that Tuesday I decided to change up the way I do things. I logged onto my Alliance character first and experienced the Broken Shore scenario from their point of view. I knew what was coming, but I didn't know how. I teared up and felt anger toward the Horde. I felt sadness for the loss of such a great King and heartbreak over Anduin having to take on his father's role and Genn having to deal with the loss of yet another close to him. Then I logged over and did it on the Horde side and saw the second point of view. It wasn't until it was all over that I was filled with anger because I did not expect Vol'jin to die. I honestly thought that he was going to fake his death and work undercover. Sadly that was not the case, and to make things worse, he appointed Sylvanas as Warchief. I can sit here and talk about why I don't think she's a good choice, but I won't. I'm just hoping Blizzard uses this as some story line to get Varimathras back in the picture. Expect a speculation blog post about that in the future...

Then we have invasions. After I pretty much geared out my mains and collected all the weapons I could (minus the dagger; no rogue), I put my focus on my alts. I had a few stragglers left over that I made recently or just never got around to leveling. This included a second warlock, which is Melathor's twin, a dwarf shaman, and a brand new gnome hunter. When it was added that characters level 10+ could join in the event, I took advantage. The XP gain was huge, and on the first day I leveled up my alts quite a bit. Sadly the experience gain was nerfed significantly to where it was taking me longer to level. I didn't mind though. I'd often put my characters at a site and /afk while I did housework during the day. This weekend a tagging bug was fixed and our lovely XP was flowing once again. I managed to level my warlock to 100, my shaman to 80, and my hunter to 70. No bad at all. I plan to continue to do these until they are gone.

I also took the plunge and pre-ordered Legion a few days after the invasions began. I now have a lovely demon hunter, and my first night elf as well. I also boosted my paladin like I had stated in a previous blog post. I'm not going to lie though, it was hard. To be honest, I felt a lot better when it was all over and I did a few invasions on him. I forgot how fun paladins are, and possibly my favorite melee class. I do look forward into doing current content with him. It's been way too long. So what's next? Now we wait. In less than ten days, Legion will be launching. I'll be getting some real life stuff done so I can focus on the beginning of the expansion. I hope that Legion give me more inspiration to blog, but I can already feel it in my bones. This one is going to be good!