December 13, 2013

Holiday Spirit

This is going to be my last blog post for this year! I cannot believe it, but we've all made it through yet another year. This year I took the steps throwing my blog out there and gaining more readers. Through the use of Twitter and sites like Blog Azeroth, Twisting Nether Wiki, and WarcraftPets, not only has my blog flourished, but I also made new friends!

In the midsts of all the chaos going on this week (my boyfriend's graduation and moving), I got a FB message from a WoW friend asking for some information, but I wasn't allowed to ask any questions as to why she needed it. I obliged, and went on my merry way of getting some housework done. When I logged on to Vel later that day, I was stunned and speechless. She gifted me two of the mini pets that I had been missing from my collection (Cinder Kitten and Blossoming Ancient)! Seriously, when I say it, I mean it... I have the BEST friends in WoW!

named Rain and Dark after my friends! 

That being said, I'm extremely excited for Winter Veil to start next week. While I don't think internet at our new place will be set up right away, I will still try to log on everyday to at least get a few things done. I figured it would just be easier to give myself and Velgana a break so we can both settle in and enjoy the holidays. I'll be planning out new content, and you can still catch me on Twitter and around Azeroth, but this blog is going /AFK until next year!

Thank you to all my readers and friends... Have a Happy Holidays! See you in 2014!

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