I've decided to start something a bit new on my blog. I've always been a lover of exploration and lore. I'm hoping to go back, show, and talk about some of my favorite hidden and not so hidden places around Azeroth. I hope these posts inspire you to read up and explore more of the world instead of going /afk in the city most of the time.

 The South Sea Islands (Land's End Islands)
 WKM Stone in Orgrimmar
 The Tale of Captain Sanders (For Horde)
 The Lady's Necklace (Horde Only Quest)
 Oddities Around Azeroth
 Karazhan Crypts
 The Vashj'ir Sea Dragons and The Magical Pearl
 Newman's Landing
 Whispers of Tirisfall
• Mysterious Talador Flower
• Finding Farahlon