May 15, 2014

Transmog Time: Cosmetic Helms

Since the Blizzard store cosmetic helms are on sale this week, I decided to do another transmog post for them. Each helm is currently on sale for $10 (USD) until May 20th, and they can be purchased by clicking on the banner below! I think I want one, but I haven't decided which one I will pick up yet.

I really don't like doing two transmog posts back to back, but since the other one was more of a farming guide, I guess I can let it slide. I also like to try to find items that will be available to all classes, races, and faction. I hope you enjoy!

I actually thought that this one would be the hardest one for me to find things to match with since it's so black and extremely red. I found a lot of the Mists of Pandaria gear matches really well with it, but I know that not everyone is able to get into heroics for just transmog gear, so I settled for pieces much easier to get.

Helm: Hood of Hungering Darkness

This was the hardest one for me to match. I started three different times before I decided on going with this. I was going to end up purchasing this to go along with my Tier 3, but I'm glad I didn't because it doesn't really match.

This set is my favorite out of all three, and so far the best candidate for the helm I may buy. With these big horns, you're sure to feel like some fire breathing demon from the Twisting Nether.

Gloves: Ritual Gloves
Bracers: Mindthrust Bracers (if you can justify using twink bracers for Transmog)
Belt: Cincture of Polarity
WoWHead Set Link

As always, I cater to cloth wearers, but feel free to share some pictures in the comments section of your plate, mail, or leather wearer making these helms work in a transmog! Thank you!

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