March 22, 2014

Blog Azeroth: Questing With Alts

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a blog post all about my alts since I never really talk about them. This week's topic on Blog Azeroth seemed to go hand and hand with that topic.

"What sort of method do you use for leveling the multiple alts? Do you follow the same quest chains each time, do you avoid a certain quest section, do you only dungeon, etc.?"

I've always said that I really do enjoy the leveling process. I've been enjoying it a bit more since I decided to level up my first Alliance character fully. I'm really excited to go back and do as many of the low level quests as I can, and complete the Alliance side of the Argent Tournament for the mounts. However, I have been finding leveling feeling more and more tedious with the more alts I have. I'm also not one to queue up for dungeons since random groups usually suck. I stay as far away as possible. Here are some of the ways I try to keep leveling fresh for myself.


I usually fully complete a character's starting zone. After that, I usually alternate between where I start to quest. If my previous character started in Kalimdor, then I'm heading toward the Eastern Kingdoms or vice versa. There aren't many areas that I skip simply because with the old world revamp many quest lines have become fun and many zones have a wonderful story. I suggest going back and fully completing Silverpine Forest and Stonetalon Mountains if you are Horde!

Heirlooms & Guild Perks

I used to be one of those people who didn't believe in using heirlooms, but my view has changed. Now I try to buy bits and pieces when I have enough Justice Points or gold saved up. They really do help out a ton. I also have my own level 25 guild so the perk Fast Track also helps a bit.

Darkmoon Faire

I also take advantage of the Darkmoon Faire when it's in town. The silly looking Darkmoon Top Hat can be a lifesaver! Too bad it don't stick around after the Faire is gone. If you don't have enough tickets to buy on or aren't lucky enough to get one in a Darkmoon Game Prize, you can ride the Darkmoon Carousel for a quick buff, but be warned... it doesn't last through death. :(
The "stylish" Darkmoon Faire Top Hat!

XP Potions

Lastly, I had no idea until a few months ago about the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge. I managed to get one randomly from killing Archiereus of Flame from the Timeless Isle. I ended up using it on my Warlock. After doing some research, I found out it also has a chance to drop from Krol the Blade in the Dread Wastes. He's pretty heavily camped on my server, but if I see him while I'm randomly flying around, I kill him. Sadly I haven't been lucky enough to get another one of these potions.

While these methods may not be the best for leveling up, they seem to work perfectly for me. I also use some Archaeology and Pandaria Lost Treasures. They don't give any boost to experience, but they do help me until I get a better item to replace it.
Ignore the pet battle junk.
I also like getting cloth and items to vendor while leveling up. Having a good bit of gold when you hit max level is always nice! As long as I have these little perks to help in the leveling process, I'll be alright to keep questing on!


  1. I only have a couple of heirlooms (3 or 4 versions of the ring from the fishing competition) but I mostly benefit from the guild perks. They really do make a big difference!! As does the Darkmoon Faire now you can sit on the carousel & buy the hats. I keep meaning to try and get the 300% xp potion but no luck on the few kills I've made so far.
    But for me questing is the main way I level with a bit of dungeoning thrown in for good measure. It was a couple of characters in that I realised by finishing zones off I was holding myself back and I learnt to move on to the next level appropriate zone for better xp :)

    1. I hope you can get the potion! I would love a few more for when I decide to level up my Pandaren hunter. Maybe I can camp the spawn next week. It's nice to hear how others go about questing. I have a habit of trying to finish zones too though. Sometimes the quest story line is too good! Thanks for sharing. :)