March 27, 2014

Reaper of Achievements

Sorry, I couldn't help myself with the title! I will admit, I had a pretty blah beginning of the week with the release of Reaper of Souls. I pre-ordered my Collector's Edition from Amazon using Amazon Prime which means I would get free 2-day shipping with the promise of a release date delivery. Needless to say, I didn't get it in due to an error on their part. They also couldn't give me an estimate on when they would have my copy available to ship, so I cancelled my order thinking of getting a Digital Deluxe Edition. However, my boyfriend snagged the last copy at our local Gamestop along with 2 really pretty posters. That's all I'm going to mention about Diablo since this is a WoW blog, so here is the adorable little Treasure Goblin mini pet that came with the CE. He his now level 25 and one of my favorites already!

Since I've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to do in WoW, I've been going out and getting some of the achievements I've always wanted, but just never got around to doing. Here are a few I've gotten recently.

I was extremely happy about getting Alone In The Darkness. I had two friends that boosted Horde characters to level 90, so we're able to get them to run stuff with us. We easily killed Yogg-Saron, but no mount dropped this time. I'm also working on getting my Legendary Staff. On our next Firelands run, I should be able to complete Delegation. I'm pretty excited to share that experience with you all in an upcoming blog post.

I also found this funny. I spend my entire Saturday working  on The Longest Day... and believe me, it was a long day! While in Pandaria, someone must have gotten bored and tossed some Ethereal Mutagen potions on some of the battle pets. It made for some really funny screenshots I wanted to share with you all. I needed those smiles during that long achievement.

I also added a new mount to my collection on Monday. Bloodlord Mandokir finally dropped his raptor mount for me! It feels weird to not be running Zul'Gurub daily, so I replaced it with 5 runs of the Vortex Pinnacle for that mount.

I think this will be my last "real" blog post for a while. I say that like the others aren't real, but I will be doing the 30 Days of WoW challenge in April where I will be blogging every day about a certain topic. I'm really excited for it and hopefully I don't fall behind. I may do an update post or a Blog Azeroth topic in between as long as it doesn't overwhelm me.

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