January 28, 2014

Journey to Tier 3

Sadly, I was not around to raid original Naxx. If you've read previous entries, you should know how I feel about the gear that dropped there... some of my favorites. While I am happy that most of the original weapons made an appearance back into the WotLK version of Naxx, I am still not happy about the lack of some of the beautiful robes from there. However, I do feel that the Frostfire Regalia is one of the most beautiful mage sets ever made!

from WoWwiki
I know it's not fair to those who legitimately raided to get their Tier 3, but I don't think being able to buy it off the BMAH devalues your set in any way. You still have your memories and hopefully screenshots to remember your wipes and kills by. I respect that 100%, and I admire you for being a pack-rat like me and keeping your tier!

I really didn't always play fair with the bidding either. I was outbid a good bit of the time, but then an Ally mage made a mistake by showing me how bad they wanted a few pieces, so I made them pay quite a bit more than what it usually goes for on my server. I ended up purposely bidding up pieces - it was great. If you want it that bad, you will pay the higher price.

Here is my journey to getting my Tier 3 and how much it has cost me, and how long it took to get there. *huge breath*

Frostfire Gloves - Bought on 3.30.13 for 10k
Frostfire Belt - Bought on 6.23.13 for 11k
Frostfire Sandals - Bought on 7.22.13 for 10k
Frostfire Shoulderpads - Bought on 8.24.13 for 30k
Frostfire Circlet - Bought on 8.31.13 for 30k
Frostfire Bindings - Bought 10.5.13 for 10k
Frostfire Leggings - Bought 10.14.13 for 10k
Frostfire Robe - Bought 12.25.13 for 50k

TOTAL: 161k

If you want a similar look without having to break your bank, you can always opt for collecting the Heroes' Frostfire Garb from the 10 man Naxx raid, or the Valorous Frostfire Garb from the 25 man Naxx raid. Both are very pretty, and I wore the brown set for quite a long time.

So after 9 months of collecting, I really have nothing else to say about it except that I am extremely happy with my purchase and the last piece couldn't have come at a better time! I will definitely be wearing this transmog for a LOOOONG time to come!


  1. Grats on completing the set. The original Naxx definitely had some of the best sets/colours out of all the tiers.

    1. I definitely agree. I wish some of the robes would have made their way back into the game... especially the Necro-Knight's Garb. /sigh

  2. I think it is very cool that you are extremely happy with your purchase. Your gaming collection is wonderful.