September 18, 2013

The Lady's Necklace

In my previous post about the WoW soundtracks, I wanted to touch more on the Lament of the Highborne and the quest line to go along with it. If you didn't level up a Blood Elf or quested in the Ghostlands zone to get Loremaster, then chances are you never completed this. It's out of the way and acquired by getting an item to drop off of some mobs. Sorry everyone... this one is Horde only!

"I hope my sisters and I can grow up and get married together." - Sylvanas Windrunner
Art by: Vice08
The Windrunner family lived at Windrunner Spire in Quel'Thalas. The eldest sister, Alleria was given a necklace by her parents which contained three stones: an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire. She was sent on a mission with her rangers to chase the orcs beyond the Dark Portal, however, before she left, she had her necklace melted down into three pieces. She kept the emerald piece for herself. The two remaining pieces were given to her Lieutenant Verana to deliver to Sylvanas and Vereesa. Verana decided to wait for Alleria's return so she could gift the pendants to her sisters herself; However, Alleria has never returned. Eventually Verana did give the pendant to Sylvanas and I'm sure we can assume that Vereesa also got hers. During the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, Sylvanas lost her necklace; She saw her death here and also sealed her future to become our Banshee Queen. The sisters were forever broken apart.

While adventuring in Ghostlands, you stumble into the Windrunner Spire. Fearing for your life, you kill the first banshee you see, and she drops an item called The Lady's Necklace.

Upon further inspection of the piece of jewelry, you realize that it once belonged to the Dark Lady in Undercity. You decide to take it over to High Executioner Maven in Tranquillien who may know something more about this odd piece of jewelry.

Maven takes a look at the necklace and tells you to deliver it to Sylvanas in Undercity. You're not really fond of the place, but you head there anyway. Upon arriving in the Dark Lady's Sanctum, you aren't greeted happily. Sylvanas does seem a bit taken back by the delivery.

"Lady Sylvanas Windrunner looks down at the discarded necklace. In her sadness, the lady incants a glamour, which beckons forth Highborne spirits. The chamber resonates with their ancient song about the Sin'dorei..."

I can't help but feel that deep inside her heart, she still has some love for her sisters. I'd love to maybe see them in a happy reunion someday even though I really don't think it would happen as Vereesa doesn't seem to keep on befriending any Horde since the death of her husband, Ronin.

As you turn to leave the Queen's chambers, Ambassador Sunsorrow motions you towards him. He gives you an item and says:
"Just a small songbook that I thought you might like to have. It contains the lyrics to a song known as the Lament of the Highborne; the one that Lady Sylvanas glamoured from the air."

You can either keep the book or discard it. I decided to keep in on this character that I used for these screenshots since I no longer have it on my main. It's a nice little memento that to remind you of the quest, and it also has the lyrics to the song. So, if you're bored and find yourself wandering around the Ghostlands, this is a nice little quest to do that takes less than 5 minutes of your time.

Added Bonus: This is a picture of me doing the quest during The Burning Crusades on Velgana. This is the old Sylvanas model singing the Lament of the Highborne with her Banshees.


  1. In my honest opinion: best quest ever. The book is one of my favourite items in-game, and Sylvanas' sadness when she summons the Highborne is also one of my favourite moments, if very sad. I really really wish there could be some reconciliation between the three sisters. Alleria is only presumed dead, afterall. Perhaps she'll make a reappearance and things might change. That doesn't necessarily mean Sylvanas will be all chummy with them, that's not in her nature anymore, but there's definitely anguish still there. I'm not 100% why Vareesa hates her to be honest, it's not like Sylvanas CHOSE to become a Banshee. Yes, she leads the Undead, but she doesn't care for them, and I fail to believe it's her passion for revenge that estranges them when Varessa herself is no different.

    Lovely post, makes me want to quest it again ^^ I'm positive I have someone I've not done it on!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I wish there were more quests in game like it. I'm glad we both feel the same way about the Windrunner sisters... but as you said, it definitely wouldn't be a fun and happy reunion.
      Oh, I still have one Horde toon I didn't do the quest on. I'm saving it for one of those rainy days where I'm bored with nothing to do, hehe. :)