September 11, 2013

Timeless Isle - First Thoughts

Free trip around the Isle! Wheeee!
So with 5.4 hitting yesterday, I thought I would give my first thoughts on the Timeless Isle. Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed it so much I ended up playing for almost 13 hours. I peeled myself away from my computer around 1:30 or so last night. I didn't get all the screenshots I would have liked, but I was in the moment and that's all that mattered.

When I arrived to the isle for the first time, it was littered with skeletons, but I quickly figured that out why later! I must have died more than a dozen times last night... and all I was doing was hunting rare spawns! The Alliance definitely outnumber Horde on my server. Everywhere you turned you saw yellow! I had to be very careful when looting stuff not to accidentally hit one of them to make me flag up. It's times like this I am so glad I do not play on a PvP server.

Me and my friend on Huolon watch!
The first things I did on the Isle where pick up my quests and explore. I opened so many chests and was actually able to get quite a lot of gear for my alts. In fact, I managed to get more pieces from rares last night that I need to send to them. I also want to try to get myself a trinket piece because I looted a burden blah blah from a chest in things cave. The Celestial's didn't give me a piece of gear... just gold.

I tried out the Celestial Tournament. I managed to beat the 3 tamers very easily, but the Celestials were really hard! I definitely need to work on getting some more pets up to level 25 before I attempt that again! I did manage to get a few new mini pets:
Ashwing Moth
Flamering Moth
Skywisp Moth
Skunky Alemental
and my friend got me an Azure Crane Chick

This rare spawn bug was bugged... Har, har, har!
While I will be playing around on the isle again today, I will definitely be taking it a lot slower, hehe. While fun right now, on a server like mine, I can see it being pretty dead really fast... which will make it a dangerous place to be in!

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