September 5, 2013

Music to my Ears: WoW Soundtracks

I am one of those people who always plays WoW with my all the sound on. My boyfriend, on the other hand, usually never has his music on. The reason is that he usually likes to listen to his own music while he raids or does dailies. While I was up extremely late one night, I decided that I would listen to all of the soundtracks, pick out my favorite songs, and talk about them. It took me about a week to listen to everything, but it wasn't anything difficult. I ended up flying around and doing some Archaeology while giving my ears a treat! I tried to keep it to my two or three favorites off each album otherwise I'd just have you listen to it all (which you should do anyway!)

My soundtrack collection. I'm missing the original one.
I've included iTunes links to buy each album. Always support the artist, guys! Anyway, let's start out with the original and classic soundtrack.

Track 7: Season of War
I never played Alliance, but upon hearing this song, I immediately thought of a Human Paladin or Warrior fully decked out in tier 2 or tier 3. It could also be the fact that it's the song used in the cinematic... probably the first cinematic that most of us saw upon playing the game for the first time so it definitely holds nostalgia for most people. It's definitely one of the better songs on this soundtrack.

Track 29: Graveyard
After listening to the entire album, I actually had to go back and listen to a few more songs to actually pick out another one that I really liked. This one stood out to me. Again, another short song but hauntingly beautiful despite the fact that most of us hearing this are trying to run back to our body as quick as possible!

Track 1: The Burning Legion
When I hear this song, my tummy gets a little tingle in it. This is the song I remember the most because it was on the BC loading screen. This song is the song that brings back a ton of memories for me. I think BC will always be my favorite time in WoW (as of this far), so this song definitely meant a lot to me!

Track 15: Illidan

Illidan... where do I begin. This song reminds me of something that should be in an opera. Very dark, very sinister. Illidan is one of my favorite characters in WoW lore. If you have never read up about him, I suggest you do so as soon as possible! I'd love to see him redeemed someday.

Track 21: Lament of The Highborne
I tried to pick two songs from each album, but I couldn't pass this one up. I don't want to talk about it to much because I want to do an exploration post dedicated to this song, quest, and lore in the game involving it. There is something hauntingly beautiful about the Banshee Queen singing this. I always get chills hearing this.

Track 3: Arthas, My Son
I don't think there is anything I can say about this song except that it's amazing. Also, the trailer for WoTLK is my favorite of all time. I love how it has King Terenas Menethil voiced over telling a young Arthas how he would be King one day while we're watching the monster he was raising his undead forces. 

Unknown Track: Northrend Travel Music
While I enjoyed the rest of the album, I couldn't find another song on there that I could listen to over and over. I was sad to see that this song never made it onto the album, but it was added during WotLK. I don't know about for Alliance, but for Horde, this song plays when you board the Zeppelin to the Howling Fjord.

Track 2: Xaxas
Xaxas: means "chaos", "fury" or "elemental fury" in Darnassian. I think this describes the horror that was Deathwing perfectly. I still wish we saw his human form more. That model was amazing looking. Despite what most people say, I enjoyed Cataclysm also. It's where I ended up going back to each zone and experiencing the new leveling content added. I think most people were just too dumb to realize that's where Blizzard put more of their hard work into.

Track 17: Nightsong
When I hear this song, I think of the Sisterhood of Elune gathered around and singing this song in honor of her. Although Night Elves are my most disliked race in the game, I think this song is beautiful.

Track 6: Way of the Monk

This song right here has to be my second favorite song out of Warcraft entirely. I have no idea why, but the first time I fell in love with it I was questing in the Paoquan Hollow of Valley of the Four Winds. It only plays a small amount of it so after I heard the entire song I was left speechless. I hope I can listen to this song years from now and remember the magic of Pandaria! 

Track 17: The Golden Lotus

The last song for this post is completely appropriate to what's going to be happening in 5.4 I hear this song and I think of a beautiful Vale filled with wildlife and flourishing plant life. Garrosh has already began to destroy it and once 5.4 hits it won't look the same at all. I can't wait to get Garrosh out of the true Horde and help rebuild all the destruction we did to Pandaria.

I hope I've inspired those who haven't listened to the soundtracks (or did a long time ago), to give them a listen. I also hope that I've made some people want to play a bit more with the music on. I love a game that is filled with so many sights and sounds to completely immerse you into the game play. WoW definitely never disappoints to feed my ears with beautiful sounds. I always look forward to new expansions and the new music that will be added with them!


  1. Thank you so much for the song "way of the monk" I would hang out in paoquan hollow just to listen to it. Such a beautiful song!

    1. No problem! I was excited when I found the name of the song also since it's my absolute favorite from the expansion! :)