August 27, 2013

Transmog Time: Fel Flame Caster

I guess I'm what you could call a bit of a "transmog snob". I'm generally not impressed with what most people put together, because it just doesn't match. I had a freak out a month or so ago when it seemed like every single Shaman on my server was wearing Tier 6.... seriously. I couldn't tell anyone apart!

So while taking a look at my banks and what to wear next, I figured I should start posting my sets, pictures of them, where to get each piece, and loo-a-likes if they aren't available anymore.

Fel Flame Caster

It was a long time in the making. I had started gathering the pieces when I got the headpiece from Ambassador Flamelash. I always wanted those robes too, but I never had any luck of the ones to drop from Entropius. Finally Robes of Faltered Light dropped, and I was able to use a Sunmote to trade them in for the one I wanted. While I think it would look good with any cloth caster, I think it would look amazing with a warlock!

My current weapon is a wand, but I always prefer one handed swords for a caster. I think the sword and off-hand below look a lot better. I'm hoping next patch there is a good caster sword I can get and double upgrade to keep until the next expansion!

The shirt I'm wearing underneath is the Sawbones Shirt, but it's currently not available in game. You can substitute it with Red Linen Shirt, Red Workman Shirt, Stylish Red Shirt and even the Green Linen Shirt looks wonderful.

Helm: Circle of Flame
Shoulders: Mantle of Three Terrors
Cloak: Drape of Fuming Anger
Chest: Robes of Ghostly Hatred
Gloves: Feralfen Hand
Belt: Captain Sanders' Sash
Boots: Greenweave Sandals
Weapon: Torch of Austen (wand) | Muramasa (sword)
Off-Hand: Heart of the Pit | Book of Highborne Hymns
WoWHead Set Link

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