February 17, 2016

Love is Not in the Air

Hello again! It feels like life is swirling around me right now, and I'm trying to get back into my normal routine. My WoW subscription ran out this past weekend, but it fell in the middle of Valentine's Day and my birthday. By the way, both of those were absolutely lovely and served as a reminder that I have lovely friends I've made through the WoW community on Facebook, Twitter, and more recently, Tumblr. So with all of that, I didn't worry about renewing my subscription until last night. Like before, I'm still using tokens. I was keeping an eye on them and hoping that the steep 38k was going to drop a bit lower once Love is in the Air started. At about a -2k difference, I bought one for a little over 36k last night. Ouch.

... and they don't even light the candles!
To be honest, I'm not even sure why I bought one. I had plans to try again this year for the Big Love Rocket, but then I hit a sudden realization this morning while doing my garrison chores - I don't care. This is the year that I have the most max level characters to kill the bosses. This would give me a very good chance, but I somehow can't be bothered. As a collector, this is out of the ordinary for me, and I'm not sure if it's just the burnout of WoD or the fact that I'd never use the mount. I think since we still have months left to this expansion I'm stressing myself out with alts. I'll get it done though. Only three left to go!

So what did I do with my time instead of farming love charms and the mount? I brought my tauren druid to Dalaran! I do this with a few of my alts for different holidays since I have some of the stranger combinations. I parked Steaknfries right in front of the bank by the Sunreaver's Sanctuary and stayed for about two hours. I had various lovely people give me thanks after getting their achievement, some silly flirtations regarding my funny name, and I even made a dwarf buddy who danced and chatted with me. Having little moments like that makes me realize why I love this game and that there is still good out there in the community. I'll be doing this everyday while the event goes on. If you see me, give a /wave!

And as if I already didn't feel like time is flying by, Facebook decided to dish out a lovely reminder that it's the three year anniversary of me receiving my Mini Tyrael! Seriously, it feels like I just won that thing from Warcraft Pets. It's funny that I'm complaining about time passing by too fast, and I want it to slow down; on the other hand I want Legion to hurry up and be here. Where is a bronze dragon when you need them? Maybe I can just cast ice block and hope that I remain in a stasis for a few more months, then time can resume normally!

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