August 5, 2015

Transmog Time: Gilnean Noble

I had wanted to do this post for a while now, but I figured I should wait until the Darkmoon Faire was in town to do so. A long time, I was looking for the perfect set for my Gilnean warlock that I roleplay with. I was sad at the time because there was nothing in game that looked like that aside from the starting robes that the priest, mage, and warlocks have, and a shirt you can buy in Dalaran.

I guess you can expect how overjoyed I was when Blizzard finally added the set into game. I worked my butt off that week to buy all the pieces and put together what I think it the perfect Gilnean noble transmog.

Helm: Eye of Flame
WoWHead Set Link

Another choice for helm if you're using this set for a bank alt or just RP purposes would be the High Society Top Hat. I still prefer my monocle though! My weapon of choice is usually the Rosethorn Staff but as always there are many other options! The entire noble set can be purchased from Chester at the Darkmoon Faire for 205 tickets. There is also a lovely set for the ladies.

During WoD there were other colored versions of the nobleman and noblewoman sets that were data-mined. I can only hope that these are eventually added because my worgen definitely needs more of this stuff in his closet!


  1. Hey, I ran into you at the Transmogrifier! I was Fotemore, if you don't remember me. Your mog inspired me to do something similar, as a Gilnean warrior Transmog

    1. Oh no, I definitely do remember you! It was really nice chatting with you that day. :D