January 12, 2015

A Nod to the Past

The 10th Anniversary event was supposed to end this past week but due to a blunder over at Blizzard, it was extended. Me and Pigletoos ended up running Molten Core during the first week that it came out. We had prepped a good bit beforehand by doing dungeons, and I even got my Darkmoon Faire trinket made. The run was pretty smooth, and we had no wipes. Of course I didn't get the cosmetic enchant or the mini pet. I ended up buying my Hatespark the Tiny on a different server for a pretty decent deal considering the rarity of the little thing. I really wish that the drop rate for both things were a bit higher considering some of the long queue times I've heard people talking about.

Too soon!
Southshore vs. Tarren Mill was something I was more excited to participate in. I remember leveling up through Hillsbrad Foothills back in BC and always seeing world PvP going on around the area. It took me quite a while before Horde managed to push through and win a game. I actually won my match the day that Highmaul was released, so maybe all the really good Alliance players were raiding that night! Thinking about that makes me giggle. Anyway, while the throwback was fun, I don't think I'd like to do that over and over again. I'm sure there are some that would disagree with me.

This makes me think of a semi heated conversation I had last week with an online friend that used to play WoW. They were basically saying the game isn't like it was in BC, and that gear is super easy to come by, and when you killed a boss back then it actually meant something. Well, I didn't agree with them at all. Yes, the game is definitely not the same game as it was... even a year ago! It evolves and changes with every expansion. I also didn't really find gear was that difficult to come by even in BC. When I stepped into my first raid, I had a full Spellfire set with my other two pieces of Spellstrike. Sure it took me sometime to craft all of it, but doing cloth trades made it much easier. I eventually replaced things as I ran raids and collected badges of justice. Lastly, as for feeling that killing a boss isn't epic anymore, there is mythic raiding. I admire and respect the guilds who are clearing that place. I love seeing my Twitter friends getting excited on their boss kills. They worked hard for that and should be proud.

While events like this give us a tiny glimpse into the past, I personally think that the game is much better than it was back then. My only complaint with WoD right now is that garrisons can be quite tedious if you have a ton of alts, and I wish the Apexis daily gave a little rep with a faction on turn in. Sometimes it's better if we take off the rose colored glasses and look at the game how it's meant to be seen currently. It's nice to look back on the past and think about those feats we achieved, but we must move on and adapt with the new times. I think Garrosh said it best himself.

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