January 2, 2014

Using the Cross Realm Raid Broswer

I will be the first to admit that I always struggle when it comes to new things being implemented in WoW. I finally used Blizzard's cross realm raid browser for the first time this week. I was pretty impressed by it. My server is going through quite a dead time right now, so it's hard to find a group for Celestials. Using this tool, I was not only able to find a group, but we were done with the kill in less that 3 minutes.

Someone asked me how to use the tool on Twitter. I like to be detailed with it, so I decided to type up a quick guide with some visuals. I hope it helps a few people out there who were confused to how it works.

- Open up the Social tab or use "O" to get there.

- Click on the Raid tab at the bottom.

- Click on the Other Raids button to view raids appropriate to your level. This is the Choose Raid tab. Here you can check off what raids you would like to que up for, select your roles, and set a comment for others to see. Once you've selected the raid you would like, click List My Name.

- You should now be queued up in Blizzard's cross realm raid finder. You will see the little green eye icon on your mini map if you did this correctly.

- You can also click on the Browse tab (under the Choose Raid tab) to que up and search for older raids from past expansions.

- A nice little hidden feature that I love is this. When you click Raid Info, it shows you all the dungeons and raids you are eligible to run for the day/week. This is great for me since I can never remember if I killed the Celestials or if I did my daily Zul Gurub run!

I hope this explanation made using the in game raid finder a bit easier. Have fun and good luck!

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