June 22, 2013

I had some free time this past week, so I ended up using it to tag, re-add pictures, and updates links on all of my older blog posts. So if you go to view all the older ones, there should be no more broken image links, however, some sites just aren't around anymore. I ended up just leaving those links in just because.

Now to the important things - 5.4! As someone who is not a fan of Garrosh and the events going on in and outside of Orgrimmar, I have to say that I am really excited for this raid. I saw the preview of it from MMO Champion and everything looks amazing. We're basically going to be going deep under Orgrimmar to uncover the horrors that Garrosh is unleashing. I don't want to say much more nor do I want to know much more. If you are browsing WoW news sites, I know they have some audio file spoilers that have been datamined... so if you're like me and want things to be a surprise, try to stay away from those.

Garrosh's New Throne - from MMO Champion
However, I am holding my ground on this; I still believe that Garrosh isn't going to be the final boss of this expansion. I still think it's going to be Y'Shaarj! I will probably post a topic on this next week because I don't want to make this post that long! You can read my previous post that had a lot of speculation... I still think I'm (semi) on the right track.

I will leave you with one final screenshot. I became a very happy mage this week when I was able to add one more sexy mount to my collection and cross off one less thing to run every week!
Reins of the Onyxian Drake

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