January 10, 2012

Holy crap... it's a new year! I've really been meaning to get a post on this thing, but I've been really bad about it. I won't sit here and go through all the new things I've gotten, but they do include mounts, mini pets, and loads of new gear which is changing each week with LFR and Valor.

I am very excited about my friend joining WoW again. Welcome back Inepsy, me and Pigle missed you oh so very much. <3 We've been working on making him gear and power leveling him through Lich King. He will probably hit 80 either tomorrow or Thursday which is really good for him starting back up a week or so ago.

I would love to post a bunch of amazing screenshots in this post, but out internet is extremely bad so if I tried to, I would make Pigle lag which isn't good since he's running Dragon Soul at the moment. So I shall leave you with an armory photo of my current transmog set which I am extremely proud of!

I PROMISE to keep track of my ongoing in Azeroth a little better this year. I might even be able to muster up another post this weekend. *gasps*

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