December 12, 2011

Sorry, it's been a good three weeks since patch 4.3 hit. I was supposed to blog about it last week, but I got a little carried away with things. So far in 4.3 I managed to get one piece of LFR gear, and a bunch from the new dungeons. I'm slowly working on getting valor points every week to get my new valor gear. I didn't really have a bad experience yet in the dungeons... I have to keep remembering that some people are new, but I did have a bad experience in LFR last week. I will have to keep in mine to NOT run on Tuesday or perhaps even Wednesday, because elitist are trying to get their run in before the weekend. I've had more luck running with nicer people on Friday/Saturday.

The newly revamped Darkmoon Faire was amazing. I did my dailies everyday, and tried to run the old dungeons for those artifacts. I didn't manage to get any, so I couldn't buy anything that I really wanted this month. Next month I shall be able to afford one of the new mini pets. I cannot wait! Here are two shots of Vel playing around at the Faire...

Vel with a freshly caught Sea Pony mini pet!

I'm still doing Argent Tournament, but I did get another mount. That brings me to just needing two mounts, a tabard, and the Argent Pony Bridle. I'm done after and can find new dailies to do. I also started searching for rare spawns in Outlands and Northrend. I want to get those achievements for myself. Still no sign of the Time Lost Proto-Drake. /sigh

Time to work on some things to prepare for Winter Veil starting soon. Hopefully next time I write, me and Vel will be ringing in 2012. :)

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