November 28, 2011

I'm prepping for patch 4.3 today. Vel is a busy little bee. I am going to organize my bank and go through what I want to keep and get rid of for Void Storage tomorrow. Ultimately I would like all of my old gear to go in there and my banks to be used to cosmetic items, cool quest things, and unique tabards. My guild bank is where I store my crafting materials and extra stuff I usually eventually sell on Auction House. I'm pretty organized already, because I'm ocd about that type of stuff, but I don't want to be overwhelmed tomorrow.

Since I last blogged, Skywall has been shoved in the role of being a "New Player" server. I have NEVER seen so many gold sellers spamming trade chat, lag, new people, and stupid names in my entire WoW life. I have also never been in a que to log in since Wrath of the Lich King. That doesn't bother me as much as the some of the new players. To those who are really doing their part on Skywall as new players who love the game... May your leveling experience be as epic as ever. To those just polluting our population, go drown in the Great Sea. :)

I am currently up to 89 mounts. I am still doing my Argent Tournament dailies to get the other few things I need. When the patch hits live tomorrow, I will definitely be bringing that number up to 90 with the addition of Tyrael's Charger. After all of the organization and madness tomorrow afternoon, I hope my boyfriend has time to run the new 5 mans with me. I just hope I don't have that extremely overwhelmed feeling I usually have after a patch. :/

And one other thing before I go, I FINALLY won the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby that earned me the "Salty" title. I chose Boots of the Bay. Here is a picture of my achievement.

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