November 14, 2011

I've been so busy lately. Since I last blogged, Vel has added a few more mounts to her arsenal. You can see them HERE. That brings my total up to 73, which is great because I never thought I would make it this far! The Time Lost Proto Drake still escapes me. I will have him soon... I'm determined.

I forgot to post my favorite screenshot while I was working on the Loremaster title. It was in Un'Goro Crater that I was saddened to find my favorite Bloodsprout eating dino had passed. Of course I left a pile at his grave in memory of all the run times I had there in the past.

My wonderful boyfriend also bought me a Guardian Cub. I was very surprised since I never expected him to get me something so wonderful! I did dailies with him out for a week, then all my other mini pets started to get jealous. :)

So now, I am patiently waiting for patch 4.3. I'm excited to participate in the Darkmoon Faire and the new 5 mans. To keep the game fresh, I rolled an Alliance on an RP server. It's definitely different and needless to say, very interesting. I actually coaxed my boyfriend to join me on my journey. I figured with a year pass up both our sleeves, we need to keep doing different things. This was the perfect way to keep an old game very new and fun for us.

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