October 7, 2011

I've had a few new things happen to me in the last few days. I ran Zul'Aman for the second time and managed to get my two pieces to drop for me: Jan'alai's Spaulders and Collar of Bones.

We were about 1 minute off from the mount run. I blame it on the tank because he stalled a good bit. Next I need to read up stragedy and get the courage to run Zul gurub. I really don't need anything from there, but if the mounts drop I will roll. I really want the Lashtail Hatchling though.

Mr. Coren Direbrew wasn't good to Vel. I never managed to get a mount on my main. Maybe next year...
I am very excited for Hallows End though. Headless Horseman here I come! :D

I've continued to work on Loremaster. Today I managed to get exalted with Tranquillen, which only means I need to get exalted with five more reputations to get the title "Exalted". I'll continue on my journey of "Loremaster" and doing my Argent tournament dailies for the mounts. SO MUCH COLLECTING!!!

And lastly, I think I may have talked my niece into starting to play. She was downloading the game for the past day or so... today it should be finished. We need more dedicated people to play with for when 4.3 comes out! Dragon Soul or bust!

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