September 25, 2011

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying Brewfest. I have yet to get one of the mounts on my main. I will run it everyday in hopes of getting something! I did manage to get the Mithril Stopwatch on Vel and Eiram along with Petrified Pickled Egg for her also. I am not that impressed by the Mithril Stopwatch because I didn't get a chance to mess around with it or reforge or whatever to it. I am, however, extremely impressed by the adorable Brewfest Keg Pony which I must have in my bags at all times to serve me beer when needed! Me and Pig ate lots of cheese, pretzels, and sausage... of course we drank lots of BEER!

The Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein is my favorite stein so far. Hopefully they will add an achievement for it. I have the other two. I'm totally jelous Pig has Yellow Brewfest Stein though!

I finally got around to petitioning a GM this past week to see if I could get my "Zandalari Menace" quest line restored to me since I glitched it out. I was so happy with the result, and the GM was extremely nice. He sent me a wonderful reply which was VERY helpful. When I logged on, I had the quest sitting there, ready for me to go, and my character was in the exact place I had to be. Having that happen just made me feel like getting my little panther cub was just that much more special. <3 I'm happy to have him as part of my collection.

I am very optimistic about patch 4.3. I love the way every single one of the tier 13 sets looks. The dungeons are looking wonderful. The raid sounds to be fun even though I will probably never experience it. I may use the raid finder, but I'm not going to be expecting much. It should be refreshing. I try to never look at these things as negative... that's why I hate reading most forum topics. People always bitch and that annoys me.

And finally, today I witnessed stupidity first hand. I wish I had the names of the people who did it because it would definitely be worth it to call them out for being dumb asses. The rare spawn spirit beast Ban'thalos was up. I've seen him there about five times already probably because I am not and do not have a hunter. It took about ten or so minutes before everyone was gathering in the sky just staring at it. No one was pulling it... I would have been more than glad to help a fellow Hordie out... BUT NO... Alliance decided to pull it down and finally kill it. I watched this night elf druid pull it several times and die. Finally I guess they convinced their friend to help them kill it instead of helping one of the Alliance hunters that were around. It's a good thing they managed to kill it, because I'm sure that nubby druid's repair bill was more than the measly 25g worth item he drops. If I were Alliance, I would definitely feel very ashamed. And for all you hunters, Vel would love to offer warm mana cakes and hugs. Your day will come and that wonderful spirit beast will be yours. ;) Don't give up!

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