April 17, 2015


Most people left the Citadel as soon as the Lich King fell. She waited behind in the main hall until it was quiet again. In the corridors down below she searched for the stables. In there was a treasure more valuable to her than any armor, weapon, or gold. It was easy to spot amid the Deathchargers. There stood Invincible in his rusted and tattered Lordaeron armor.

She slowly walked up to the horse, hushing it as it bucked. The bond it shared with Arthas was undeniable, and it sensed his demise. "Shhhh..." She tried to calm the horse, but it cried and reared into the air. She removed a glove, revealing a shaking bony hand. She outstretched it to touch him through the cold stable gates. "Easy boy. It's alright. I... I'm just like you." The horse eased up as she touched her hand to his muzzle. She whispered, "I know exactly what it's like. We didn't deserve to be brought back, yet here we are. I promise I will take care of you. We will see the world you and I. Together I promise we will be invincible." She smiled.

Invincible is finally mine. Running ICC for the mount is over. I cried like a little baby when I saw it in the loot window. I'm going to miss seeing Arthas each week; I felt as though we had a bond. I will make sure to visit him every once in a while. I also have a fun story to go along with getting this mount. I'm a very organized person, so I tend to make lists for everything. I offered to make my niece a mount list of the dungeon and raid ones she was missing. I sent it to her on Tuesday, and she got the Zulian Panther and Blue Proto Drake to drop. We were laughing about it and saying that the list was good luck and I should go run ICC. Well, I'm glad I did. All hail the lucky list! Seriously though, Thank you to the RNG gods for allowing this beautiful mount to grace my collection.

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