June 19, 2014

The Breath of Yu'lon - My Legendary Cloak

A few months ago, I was one of those people who thought they would never complete their legendary cloak quest. Rewind to last year - I always played WoW on a laptop, and finally mine decided it wasn't going to allow me to run LFR anymore. It would freeze, blue screen, then force me to have to restart. By the time I got back into the game I was usually kicked from the group. I couldn't even play the game with any graphics turned up to good anymore. That's when I decided to stop going after my cloak. Throne of Thunder was out and I had stopped after this part. I was pretty sad about it.

One of my first meetings with Wrathion
Since I've gotten my new desktop, my gaming experience has been nothing but amazing. My graphics are cranked up to ultra, and I can run LFR without any hiccups. So I decided to start backing working towards getting my cloak.

I figured since collecting the Sigils of Wisdom and Sigils of Power took forever, the Secrets of the Empire would take just as long. Surprisingly it didn't, and I was finished with that part of the quest in about a month. I also had the Trillium Bars made already since I was making Living Steel. Before I knew it, I was on to the next part.

Feeding Wrathion a balanced breakfast. /burp
I don't know if I was lucky, but it took me 3 weeks to collect my Titan Runestones. I think that's pretty normal for most people. Yesterday I was able to finish that part, complete Yu'lon's challenge, defeat the Celestials, and then finally was awarded with my Legendary cloak!

Yu'lon's challenge was easier than I expected, and I completed it first try. I was frost spec and aside from my class buffs and cooldowns, I used a food buff, Crystal of Insanity, Celestial Offering, and the 3 Pi'jiu Brews to help me. I also had some Healthstones left over from running LFR. Having those in case I got into a sticky situation was nice. I think as a ranged DPS, I had it a lot easier than others.

So after 9 months, it is done! I couldn't be happier and to celebrate, I transmogged to the same set that I was wearing when I first talked to Wrathion to take up the task of collecting this cloak! If you'd like to see all of my screenshots from I took while collecting my cloak, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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