May 7, 2014

Razorfen Kraul Transmog Guide

Here is another transmog guide I've compiled. In Warlords of Draenor, we are going to be seeing the revamp of some classic dungeons. As always I decided to focus on the things that have a unique model or color. Some of these items may make it into the new version of this dungeon, but I would pick up things I want just in case they don't. You can check out my other guides under my Transmog page at the top!

(Note: This list was made in MoP during patch 5.4. If you're reading this later than patch 5.4, I cannot guarantee these items will still be available.)

Thornspike - Not a unique model since there are others that are obtained via quests and other rare spawns. If you like this simple model and don't want to hunt it down, I suggest picking this up.

This boss also summons a Boar Spirit during the fight. This post from Tumblr suggests that if you're a hunter and would like this model, pick it up while it's still available! It keeps it's ghostly appearance!

Death Speaker Mantle - Cloth shoulders that have no unique model, but a unique color. They are dark yellow with black trimming.

Death Speaker Robes - A unique model and color cloth chest. They are dark gray/black with a dark yellow trim.

Death Speaker Scepter - A one handed mace that has no unique model but a unique color. It is the only version of this mace that is silver with a tiny hint of purple at the hilt.

Corpsemaker - This two handed axe shares the same model and color with the Midnight Axe - silver axe with a black design.  This one is probably easier to get as of right now!

Ferine Leggings - Green Leather pants that share the same model and color with the Shaggy Leggings from the Gordok Tribute in Dire Maul.

Pronged Reaver - A one handed axe with a unique color of this model. It basically looks like a wooden stick with sharp bones sticking out of it.

(rare spawn)

Nightstalker Bow - A unique colored bow. It's a dark wood color with black and silver trimming.

(rare spawn)

Wind Spirit Staff - a unique color of this staff model. It's wood colored with a blue and silver trimming.

Boar Pets

There are three different armored boar models from this instance: Rotting Agam'ar, Agam'ar, and Raging Agam'ar. They do share similar models with rare spawns all around Azeroth, but this can be a pain trying to hunt them down due to CRZ. You can find more information about them over at Petopia.

I may have made some mistakes, so if you find an error please feel free to leave a comment below! I feel if you start farming now, you probably will have more than enough time to get all the items you want! This doesn't mean some of the item models won't be reused, but it's better to grab something now than regret it later! Good luck and happy farming!

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