May 7, 2014

Razorfen Downs Transmog Guide

Here is another transmog guide I've compiled. In Warlords of Draenor, we are going to be seeing the revamp of some classic dungeons. As always I decided to focus on the things that have a unique model or color. Some of these items may make it into the new version of this dungeon, but I would pick up things I want just in case they don't. You can check out my other guides under my Transmog page at the top!

(Note: This list was made in MoP during patch 5.4. If you're reading this later than patch 5.4, I cannot guarantee these items will still be available.)

The quest The Coldbringer that you pick up from Koristrasza at the beginning of the instance offers a few unique colored pieces of gear as a reward.

Belt of Tyrannic Rule - This plate belt doesn't have a unique model or color, but it you're looking to try to complete the Redpath Plate set, it can take the place of the Rockpool Belt if you did the quest already.

Chestguard of Redemption - This is a mail chest that doesn't have a unique model, but it has a unique color. It is brown and yellow and part of the Thousand Needles Mail recolor set.

Coldbringer's Leggings - These cloth leggings aren't a unique model, but they have a unique color. They are the only cloth leggings of this model to have a blue band around the top with the purple design on the sides.


Carapace of Tuten'kash - This plate chestpiece shares a similar model and same color as the rare drop Tyrant's Chestpiece. This is a good alternative to get if you're waiting for the Tyrant chest to drop or pop up on AH.

Mordresh Fire Eye

Deathmage Sash - This is a unique model and color cloth belt. It is black and dark purple and matches the Twilight Trappings perfectly.


Fleshhide Shoulders - These orange and tan leather shoulders are not a unique model, but have a unique skin. If you look closely they resembles sewn together flesh, like the Gnoll tents.

Amnennar the Coldbringer

Bonefingers - These are a unique model and color leather gloves. Their look reminds me of the no longer available Deathbone Gauntlets.

Deathchill Armor - This mail chestpiece isn't a unique model, but it has a unique color. It is the only grey version of this chestpiece available.

Icemetal Barbute - This plate helm isn't a unique model or color. It shares it's bright blue color with one other helm - Jouster's Visor. This may be easier to get if you're going for a blue transmog.

This NPC is located in a cage in the Murder Pens right before you get to Mordresh Fire Eye. After freeing and talking to him, he should give you the option to learn Major Troll's Blood Elixir for Alchemists (180+) and Goldthorn Tea for cooking (175+).

This is a "rare spawn" npc that isn't listed as a rare spawn. He doesn't have the silver dragon around his portrait, but he doesn't always spawn in the instance.

Boar Champion's Belt - This mail belt isn't a unique model or color. It shares the same red look with the Demon-Forged set and is a good alternative in case you did the quests for the others or can't get them to drop.

X'caliboar - This two handed sword isn't a unique model, but it has a unique hilt color. This version of this sword is the only one to have a solid brown hilt.

I may have made some mistakes, so if you find an error please feel free to leave a comment below! I feel if you start farming now, you probably will have more than enough time to get all the items you want! This doesn't mean some of the item models won't be reused, but it's better to grab something now than regret it later! Good luck and happy farming!

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