February 14, 2014

New Neighbors and Random Things

So much to talk about this week, and I wanted to try to get it all done with before the weekend since it's Valentine's Day and my birthday (IRL)! I couldn't have asked for a better start to this week either.

Last Saturday, I decided to watch a Gold Raid that was being promoted on my Twitter. The guy hosting it, WTBGold, was also going to be giving away 2 Spectral Tiger Cubs. I get to watch some gold makers do Flex raiding and have a chance at a mini pet that I've been wanting.... SURE! Well not only did I have fun watching, but I also won one of the Cubs. I was so happy and excited to add it to my collection, and I named him in honor of the person who I won it from.

Please check out WTBGold to learn some wonderful gold making tips and tricks. You can also follow his Twitch channel too!

I have to be honest, but lately I haven't been doing much in WoW... not even leveling my Warlock alt. Maybe I will get a chance to do that this weekend. However, I have been working on mats for my Sky Golem though. I only have 15 more days to go unless my Priest gets lucky with her transmutes! After that I think I want to start on my Jewelcrafting Panthers. Those will take me a good while longer.

I had the opportunity to bring my niece and nephew to do a few old raids. They haven't been level 90 long, and just started playing WoW a few months ago. Thanks to me, they have caught the collecting bug. We ran Ulduar and Naxxrams together a few weeks ago, and had a blast. We also did some Burning Crusades and Vanilla raids. I can't wait to bring them into ICC soon!

Now onto something that I'm kinda excited for - Skywall is FINALLY getting a server merge! We're going to be getting merged with Drak'thul sometime in March I believe. I'm pretty excited, and I'm hoping they are a bit more Horde heavy than we are. I went and poke around on their Auction Houses a few days ago, but I wasn't too impressed. I don't know what I was expecting to find on there. Regardless, I can't wait get a chance to interact with some new people. If you see me around, throw a wave my way!

YAY! Server merge!
Blizzard also announced this week that they will be saying goodbye to their Scroll of Resurrection program. I can understand why, but what about all those poor unclaimed mounts people have? I feel like they should at least let us redeem them and toss them to some friends that didn't get a chance to get one. I personally feel bad knowing that I have some unclaimed mounts and there's nothing I can do about it. RIP Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wind Rider.
4 unclaimed mounts. :(
Finally, Love is in the Air is here again. I have never got lucky with getting the Big Love Rocket, but I am remaining optimistic this year! This is the first year that I'm able to run it on my alts. Out of my 4 level 90s, I'm running the holiday boss on 3. So far I haven't gotten anything that is special... not even an extra Toxic Wasteling to hoard onto! I still have quite a few days left so maybe I will get something good in that time. For now I leave you all with lots of love and thanks to everyone who follows me on Twitter and takes time to read my posts here. You are all special; Love you all!

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