October 10, 2013

Oddities Around Azeroth

In keeping with the spooky theme for this month, I decided to sit back, go through every zone, and find some things that I think are pretty creepy. Next time you're in some of these areas, I hope you will take the time to look around and notice some of these things.

Due to the tons of pictures and my descriptions, I decided to put this behind a cut. Grab a warm apple/pumpkin cider, a sticky tricky treat, and enjoy!

Eastern Kingdoms:

Eastern Plaguelands' Plagued Trees

While questing in any of the northern zones of Eastern Kingdoms is pretty spooky, the Plaguelands are definitely some of my favorites. Heigan the Unclean is the one responsible for the plague cauldrons spread across the land that infected the wildlife and even the trees!

Cannibalistic Scarlet Judge

When crossing the bridge from Eastern Plaguelands to Western Plaguelands, if you're lucky this rare spawn may be up. How did he survive in the wilderness this long? Engage him and see how he's clearly gone mad; "I Judge you... delicious!"

Hanging people in Tirisfal Glades

Have you ever looked around and wondered why there are so many skeletons, random bones, and hanging people around? I have, and it's pretty scary to think of what these areas might even smell like. *pinches nose*

The Lost of Lordaeron

With the addition of pet battles, you can now own your own Lost of Lordaeron. Just don't forget that these were once the poor souls of those living in Lordaeron who perished a long, long time ago.

Hillsbrad's Human Seedlings

I don't think this needs any explanation. The quest to go along with these guys is also very grizzly. I don't know if it were better to put them out of their misery or just let the ghouls eat them.

Picture from WoWwiki
Duskwood is already an extremely creepy zone without adding anything else on top of that. If you happen to visit Raven Hill, don't wander too far into the houses. If you find yourself being attacked by an invisible mob, RUN!

The Bushes Have Eyes!

I like to think these are little animals staring at me from the bushes... not anything else watching me and waiting for me to turn my back, right guys?

Gnoll Tents made of Humans

Oh those crafty Gnolls! You'd think after all this time they would have found another source of skin to make tents out of. Pretty gross! *shivers*


Crystallized People

Along the mountains of Azshara live the huge Cliff Giants. I guess you can say they eat whatever they find, and these two poor victims became one of the giant's meals. Clicking on the poor frozen victims allows you to loot the Crystallized Note. (Horde version | Alliance version)

Felwood's Poisoned Trees

Just like the trees in the Plaguelands, the trees here were corrupted by the magic of the Burning Legion. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear them scream. (ok, not really)

Zoltan's Cult

If you are into pet battles like myself, then chances are you've battled Zoltan in Felwood. While he seems to be a regular Blood Elf, he's in fact a demon. If you look at some of the cultist surround him they have a strange "undead" or "cursed" looking skin. Perhaps it's all the demonic propaganda he's spewing: "Demons are the future of this world. The sooner you embrace that, the sooner you join the winning team."

"Haniwa" Figures?

I wasn't going to post this one, but it kinda freaked me out. I've been playing a bunch of Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately, and these strange statues in Ashenvale reminded me of the Gyroids you dig up in AC. The thing is, it's believe that the Gyroids in AC are a representation of the Haniwa figures which are used for rituals and buried with the dead. I'm not saying these are the same, but they sure look creep enough!

As always, I'm a fan of anything that has to do with Old Gods. In the Valley of the Bones in Desolace, you can find these two giant skeletons of these Naga-like creatures. It's not really certain who they were or where they came from, but my guess is that they were servants to an Old God... maybe even N'Zoth!

The Shady Rest Inn

Once a popular inn at the entrance to Dustwallow Marsh, The Shady Rest has an extremely shady past. Eventually, the place was burnt to the ground by the Grimtotem Clan. The poor Innkeeper, James Hyal, lost his wife and child to the fire. This left him very distraught and unstable. If you look around, it seems that a few other patrons may have lost their life to other things instead of the fire that night.

Theremore's Gravesite

As a proud member of the Horde, I cannot be proud of this. Looking upon the graves of all the innocent lives that were lost at Theremore that day is very saddening. While maybe not creepy, there is something eerie about standing there and gazing upon the land where Theremore used to be. May their souls find peace, wherever that may be...

Boiled Humans

While the Ogres in Feralas may have a wide variety of different wildlife to chose from, I believe they have decided on other types of meat for their diet.


When first entering Hellfire through the Dark Portal, you're taken back by the sights and sounds of a completely different planet. While taking a walk down the path of glory, you hear something crunching at your feet, you look down only to be greeted with a skull staring back at you. Yes, the path is made entirely of the bones of the Draenei who fell victim to the Orcs who wanted their entire race destroyed.

Challe's Home for Little Tykes

Tucked away on one of the hills around Nagrand, these lives a troll woman by the name of Challe. Her tiny home is accompanied by many children of all different races. While this all seems innocent, a trip to the back of her house may show a darker side to Challe. There are cages with skeletons inside. Some people speculate she's not taking care of the children but instead, raising them to eat! This could be an homage to the Tale of Baba Yaga.


Frostmourne Cavern

While this cavern in Dragonblight doesn't look all that scary anymore, the remnants of it's past still lay spread across the floor. This is where Prince Arthas met Frostmourne for the first time.

The Weeping Quarry

As I said before, there is nothing scarier to me than an Old God. What about a piece of one peeking out from under the earth? In the Weeping Quarry in Icecrown you can see a tiny piece of Yogg Saron trying to make his way out his prison and into Northrend itself.

Darkmoon Faire:

Rona Greenteeth's Fine Cuisine

The Darkmoon Faire is already a place of mystery and wonder. If you walk into the woods you're going to meet an Undead woman way off to the coast. She offers a variety of food to the weary traveler. Let's just say her tastes in food might not be exactly what you're looking for.

Wandering Ghosts

While venturing around the Darkmoon Faire, you may (or may not) have noticed these shimmery fog like clouds moving along the ground. It was only the other day while fighting Moonfang did I find out what they were. I died during the fight, and when I was running back was greeted by a ghost. I talked to him and realized there were others around. Hopefully these people didn't fall victim to Rona!

There are a few places I didn't include because I'm doing stuff strictly dedicated to them. I also didn't include Pandaria in this list because I really didn't find anything there creepy except for the Sha. I would love to hear if you found something that you find creepy there or in any of the other zones. Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is awesome. I knew about most of these but some of them I never noticed before. WoW has a real subtle creepy factor to it. I love all the little details we often overlook. I think my favorite creepy thing is the catacombs beneath Karazhan. The pit of the upside down sinners is unparalleled in my book.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I do have to agree with you on Kara Crypts. The reason I didn't include it in this list is because next week's spooky themed post is going to be all about it. :)