August 3, 2013


While following a ton of wonderful Warcraft bloggers on Twitter, I noticed something from Tycertank called #WoWScreenshotaday. I totally had to participate. I was going to just post all the pictures to Twitter only, but I decided to have them all in one blog post would be cool too so I could look back on all of them in one place. Anyway, here are the daily topics.

I will be updating the pictures here daily. You can see them after the jump! :)

DAY 1: Something Beginning with "N"
Since my heart will always flutter for anything BC related, I figured I'd go pay a visit to the forgotten Sha'tari Skyguard and snap a picture of one of their beautiful Nether Rays.

DAY 2: Incomplete
This has always been an achievement that I placed on the back burner... not anymore. I'm slowly working my way to becoming a Seeker of Knowledge!

DAY 3: Skyline
I play on the Skywall server, and this screenshot is basically of the real Skywall. I took this picture while farming Vortex Pinnacle for the mount from Altairus. No luck so far... at least it's pretty in there.

DAY 4: Fresh
When I think of fresh IRL, my mind jumps to feeling clean, a nice ice cold glass of water, and maybe a yummy piece of your favorite fruit. I headed down to Sholazar Basin to take part in the brewing of some Kungaloosh featuring all this beautiful ripe fruit.

DAY 5: Early
Sure, for this one I could have gotten up super early and took a picture of Velgana greeting the sun, but that's not creative. Instead, here is one of my favorite mini pets, Nexus Whelpling, casting his Early Advantage ability.

DAY 6: This Means A Lot To Me
I sat and thought a while about this one. I finally came up with this item. I kept it before transmog was even a thought in the game, and despite the lack of spell caster swords, I always tried to transmog to it after it became available. If I were only able to keep one weapon and had to delete the rest, it would be this one - Fang of the Leviathan. It was the first real weapon I got while raiding during TBC so that's why it's so special!

DAY 7: A Sign
Again, I wanted to do something different than just a picture of a sign. Well, if there were ever a sign that your character definitely needed a bath, this would be it! *grabs the sponge and soap* I guess I'll be heading off to the Golakka Hot Springs now!

DAY 8: Peek-a-Boo!
I haven't used an older picture for any of these yet, but I tried to recreate this photo so I didn't have to, but I just couldn't capture the moment correctly. Rewind back to Cataclysm when my boyfriend (Pigletoos) was finally able to get his Thunderfury. We both went down to Silithus to finish things up, and Willy came along with me. After taking a ton of screenshots of my boyfriend fighting Thunderaan, I began looking at the shots and came across a few with Willy wanting to be center of attention. This one particularly features him peeking into the corner of the shot. PEEK-A-BOO VEL!

DAY 9 - 2 o'clock
One of the few places that I love in game (even though I'm Horde) is Gilneas. While not exactly 2 yet, time stands still...

DAY 10: Beverage
Late last night I decided to head out to the Dalaran bar. It's a quiet place now and pretty peaceful at night. The bartender is a cutie pie and got me whatever I felt like drinking. The lady on the side of me was quite peeved at not getting her glass of wine refilled fast enough. Sorry honey, I guess I just tip better! ;)

DAY 11: I Love Doing This
On any given day when i have nothing else to do, I love going into old raids/instances and soloing them or running it with my boyfriend. It's also a plus because you can always get some really cool looking transmog pieces in these old places. Here I am about to run Blackwing Lair! Razorgore looks annoyed at my bro flex.. sorry.

DAY 12 - Macro
There is a little known macro out there that is "guaranteed" to work if you do it correctly. Good luck though, poking someone's eye out is harder than it seems... especially if that person is in fire!

DAY 13: Fast
I took my Goblin Trike out to the Bilgewater Harbor racetrack. Let me tell you, I think I can beat anyone! Vrooooom, my trike goes FAST!

DAY 14: Trash
Velgana likes to kick back and relax every now and then. However, she may have met a few friends who like to do so a little too often. Tweek lives alone and pretty much does as he wishes. Whenever Vel is in the area, she makes sure to check up on her friend. He never cleans up... old food containers and things are always scattered around the place. Hopefully one day he'll get things straightened up, but until then, all Vel can offer is a hug and a smile... and maybe a little Lysol.

DAY 15: The Best
What could I use for "The Best" I was thinking. Well, how about the best of one thing. I use him pretty much everyday for pet battles. He's an Anodized Robo Cub (named Honeycog) and can pretty much destroy anything I'm having trouble battling! I use him whenever I'm frustrated with a battle or just to get some done faster. To me, he's one of the best!

DAY 16: Cooking
Ugh, I always hate when I make those last minute plans to hang out with more people than expected. I end up having to re plan the meal! I know it doesn't look like it, but I swear it's only boar and it's going into that big pot in the back for a stew!

DAY 17: Exercise
While I don't think Velgana needs exercise, she does like to keep her bones in good shape. You never know what you're going to have to battle next!

DAY 18: Someone You Spoke To Today
Well, the first person I talked to today and usually everyday is my wonderful boyfriend who plays Pigletoos. This is us having an early morning chat at a quiet little Pandaren bar and grill! He's always acting silly and making Vel laugh!

Day 19: Lost
I am an explorer by nature, so when I came across this little hidden area in Darkshore, I was thrilled. There is a path that looked like it used to lead to it (or maybe never did). Either way, it's a beautiful and quiet place to sit and ponder things.

DAY 20: Stairs
I didn't play much during Wrath, but I could imagine the excitement of most guilds when they went into ICC for the first time. The stairs that lead up to the frozen lair are definitely epic and worthy of today's picture.

DAY 21: Slow
The rollercoaster of life can be quite a fast ride. Sometimes all you need to do is stop, take a deep breath, and slow down to appreciate the little things. This quiet little farm is off the coast of Arathi Highlands. A dwarven farmer lives quite a different life compared to that of most in Azeroth. Time seems to pass more slowly here and it seems that nothing is effected by anything going on in the world. :)

DAY 22: Room
This is definitely a room that I don't want to ever spend too much time in. This room belongs to the Children of Goldshire /shivers

DAY 23: Yellow
Mellow and yellow... although I probably shouldn't be with C'Thun looking over my shoulder! I rode around AQ today on my Yellow Qiraji Battle Tank and went pay a visit to the old one.

DAY 24: In The Background
I don't think there are any other words needed about what's in the background except for, YOU BETTER RUN! (from Halls of Reflection)

DAY 25: Culture
While the culture most interesting to me is the Nerubian one, I went with my first thought when I saw the word. The Naga and all of their statues, building structures, and music remind me of Indian culture. Their statues of Queen Azshara remind me of Hindu Goddesses. I even know that the word Naga comes from one of their mythical creatures in lore.

DAY 26: Entrance
In Duskwood there is this tomb that has always intrigued me. I believe it's probably for a questline in the zone, but I would love to go and explore it one day just for fun. This is the entrance to it... guarded by a huge skeleton.

DAY 27: 10 Minutes From Home
The saying is "Home is where the hearthstone is set.", but I beg to differ. When I think of home, I think of the Forsaken starting area - Tirisfal Glades. I think of Brill, the huge cemetery there, then walking the paths all the way up to Undercity! Some epic PvP used to go down right there, but now it's usually pretty quiet. Still, I can't help but get that tingly feeling as I'm about to walk into my city.

DAY 28: Corridor
Like RFC for us Horde, The Stockades is probably one of the first dungeons a new Ally player will set foot in. The entire place is very small and cramped. The whole instance is basically a corridor filled with crazed prisoners.

DAY 29: Lucky
This is the first thing that came to mind when I read today's word. Party at Gallywix Pleasure Palace! Get Lucky!

DAY 30: Cluttered
I decided to use a throwback photo for this one. This was back during BC and my guild was raiding Mount Hyjal. The trash was terrible... anyway, here is what my raid interface looked like. Totally cluttered compared to how it looks now. What was I thinking?

DAY 31: Dangerous
Currently one of the most dangerous people in Azeroth. Are you all ready for 5.4? :)

And that concludes the August edition of #WoWScreenshotaday. There is going to be one held for September, but I haven't decided if I am going to take part in it yet. I still have the rest of the day to think to over so we shall see! :)


  1. I love the picture for day 21, it just looks so ... homely? So relaxing :D

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely agree. That entire little area feels very cozy. :)