August 13, 2013

The Magical Mr. Pinchy

Mr. Pinchy... where do I begin...

I actually fished and got my Magical Crawdad during the Burning Crusades, so when I decided to take up this task again, I didn't quite remember how much of a pain it was and STILL is!

Mr. Pinchy having a well balanced meal.
Here are the things that changed for the better. First, the pool spawns used to only pop up every 30 minutes or so. Now it seems that after you fish in one, you can guarantee another will be up in one of the other locations. Second, and best thing of all is now Mr. Pinchy is on a 4 hour cooldown. It used to have a 2 day cooldown which really made it frustrating to get him!

Fishing skill required: I would go for at least 300+ just to be on the safe side!
Flying mount required! (or someone to bring you there!)

So get your fishing poles, and let's head to Outlands - namely Terokkar Forest! You're looking for the pools called Highland Mixed Pools which of course, only spawn in the "highlands".

Here's the wonderful part, you have 3 locations where you can chose to fish from!

Lake Jorune

Lake Ere'Noru

Blackwind Lake

I really like fishing from  Lake Jorune and Lake Ere'Noru because I was tending to get a lot of unwanted attention at Blackwind Lake. Some Alliance leveling up would follow me and fish from the same pools as me just to be annoying! Also it's a daily hub for the Sha'tari Skyguard so you may have some competition there.

You'll get BC fish and crates with goodies from that xpac in them. You should get Mr. Pinchy pretty fast. I don't think it took me longer than an hour to fish up any of the Mr. Pinchy's for this post, so hopefully you're just as lucky. I'm not sure they increased the drop rate, but since the pools spawn so fast, that's probably why!

After you catch him, this is where the fun begins. The item will grant you 3 wishes. You can use the item every 4 hours. It's completely random to what you will get from it. Here they are below:

Benevolent Mr. Pinchy: follows you around and fights mobs with you!

Furious Mr. Pinchy: very mad and will try to fight with you!

Mr. Pinchy's Blessing: and old flask buff, but you turn a cool shade of red!

Mr. Pinchy's gify: he gives you a gift that contains old health and mana potions!

The last gift is the best of all, Mr. Pinchy grants you the Magical crawdad Box (and an Achievement)! Sadly, I wanted to get another one just for this post, but after 18 unsuccessful wishes, I decided it was just better to write this thing and send all my luck to the person on the other end going on the hunt for him. If you decide to fish him up just for fun, or because you want him for your collection, let me know how long or how fast you got him! Good luck and happy fishing!

My Log:
1. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
2. Furious Mr. Pinchy
3. Mr. Pinchy's Blessing
4. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
5. Furious Mr. Pinchy
6. Mr. Pinchy's Gift
7. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
8. Mr. Pinchy's Gift
9. Mr. Pinchy's Blessing
10. Mr. Pinchy's Gift
11. Mr. Pinchy's Blessing
12. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
13. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
14. Furious Mr. Pinchy
15. Mr. Pinchy's Gift
16. Furious Mr. Pinchy
17. Mr. Pinchy's Gift
18. Benevolent Mr. Pinchy

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  1. Great Guide! Got Mr Pinchy in 37 minutes. I know the exact time because when I was about to begin fishing I hit my [Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm]and began fishing. At the 37 minutes passed mark I fished up Mr Pinchy. Thank you for the awesome Guide!