June 7, 2013

"Pet Cage" Bug

I had heard the horrors of this occurring, but I never experienced it myself until today. I'm going to go ahead and call this the "Pet Cage" bug. What seems to happen is that your pet, whatever it may be and regardless of level, simply turns into a Pet Cage with nothing to be done about it. Clicking on it gives you the text error: "Internal Error".

A former Fiendish Imp.
It wasn't that big of a deal for me, because what happened was I had an extra Fiendish Imp up on the Auction House, I cancelled it, and it was "Pet Caged" when I tried to retrieved it from my mailbox. I also have a Menagerie Custodian up, so I hope it will be safe. I will let the auction end on its own to see if that makes a difference. I will definitely post my findings on the custodian when the auction ends tomorrow... hopefully it doesn't change. I also sold a Porcupette yesterday, and I didn't hear from the buyer so I'm assuming that sale went through perfectly fine.

While I do make my gold by using the auction house, I don't really dabble in mini pet buying and reselling. I do feel for those who do though... or those who bought an expensive mini pet only to be delivered a pet cage. However, there is some hope. It seems that Blizzard is definitely aware of the issue, even though I don't believe they are posting about it on the forums, and will hopefully pop in a hot fix for this soon. Until then, I suggest reading through the following threads and definitely holding on to any mini pets you have, unless you're selling them via trades. The auction house just isn't safe enough right now. If you have a "pet caged" mini pet, just stick it in your bank in hopes that it will be fixed. My little guy will be spending his days in my guild bank hoping to turn back into an imp someday.

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Update (6.8.13)
I logged on today to check my auctions. My custodian sold and I didn't have a message or anything from the buyer, so I think everything went alright with that sale. I did forget I had a Harbinger of Flame up, and sadly it was returned to me "Pet Caged". So I will definitely be staying away from selling pets via AH for quite a while.


  1. I have had this happen, I have three 'pet cages' in my inventory awaiting a fix from Blizzard. I spoke with a GM who said they are aware of it, and to keep any 'pet caged' pets you might encounter.

    1. Thank you so much for this information! I will definitely be holding onto mine... I hope everyone else will do the same.

  2. And the "pet cage" issue escalates. This morning I went into my Pet Guild bank only to find THREE more "pet cages". I believe all three new ones are from Archaeology. I did NOT have any on sale in the AH, did not mail them to anyone or receive them in the mail. Blizzard really needs to fix this.