June 5, 2013

Blog Azeroth: Junk Mail or Repurposed?

It's that time again for another wonderful shared topic from Blog Azeroth:

"What junk or grey items in game should be made to be used for spells or buff foods, etc? There are many fun items that no one wants, but could be used in imaginative ways!"

This is actually quite a funny subject to me. My collector friend Rocky (where are yooooou??) once asked me if I had any idea what the Exquisite Murloc Leash was for. After telling him it was just vendor trash and nothing more, we went on a discussion about how cool it would be to actually be able to use it.

He said that he would be keeping a few just on the off chance that Blizzard would implement a system that allowed you to use it to basically "tame" a murloc! Since most of the murlocs were only obtainable via Blizzcon or from International contests, how cool would it be to be able to find one, use the leash on it, and tame it. Of course, I would imagine you would only be able to keep three, and they wouldn't be cageable like other pets from the wild. I think my murloc of choice would be Cruelfin!

Before I go, I want to thank my WoW bestie Mr. Waffles who once again surprised me with a new mini pet. I feel so lucky and spoiled sometimes! :)


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