April 17, 2013

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for posts that show off people's inventory, bank, and void storage. Lucky for me, on any given day, /wow usually has a post or two about it. I love to see the things people hold on to and what they have for transmogging. Since I finally made myself full Royal Satchel's for my bank and personal inventory, I decided to get to organizing... again. Usually I go through and vendor things every so often, but most of the stuff I have now are things I want to keep. I thought I would share some pictures of my WoW hoard with everyone. Here is goes...

My Inventory (Addon used is Baud Bag; Been using it since BC and it's awesome!)

I try to keep my bags empty as possible at all times. I never know what I may need to do... which usually means that I'm going to go run instances over and over which will net me a mass amount of cloth or just fish for hours at a time because I'm bored. I have my cloth for Imperial Silk at the top and at the bottom I have a few stacks of pet battle bandages and some Incantations to summon bosses on the Isle of thunder. That belt is my matching belt for my dungeon 3 set.

My last bag keeps all my junk I like to carry around with me. No, you don't need two Hearthstones, but I never deleted mine since I first started playing, so why should I now. I also like having the Inn Keeper's Daughter around too even though I've only seen her ghost once. Also no one needs to keep all that fishing equipment, but I like using different fishing poles when I'm in different moods. Other things are my D.I.S.C.O. machine, transformation items, Little Wickerman (because I'm too cool to use the campfire), my keg pony in case I want to drink, dino bones, and of course my Thunderfury!

My Bank

I would like to think that my bank is more organized than most of the ones out there. I know where most things are at... which is good, heh.

My main bag holds all my tabards that are either unobtainable or just a pain to get (grinding honor or other types of currency and holidays). I keep my Imperial Silk in there along with my pitiful Skyshard collection. The shirts at the end are the main ones that I rotate in and out of my transmogs.

Bag 1: shoulders, gloves, belts
Bag 2: staffs and one handed swords
Bag 3: holiday items, a few unobtainable trinkets, some recipes, and my duplicate battle stones
Bag 4: robes, helms, boots, and my postmaster set!
Bag 5: daggers, held in off hand items, wands, cloaks
Bag 6: Tier 11 pieces, Tier 13 set, my dungeon 1 set (I have 4 real pieces), and the rest is gear that is from MoP
Bag 7: random quest items, event items, some holiday items, and my beloved faded photograph.

My Void Storage

My only complaint with Void Storage is that I have more items that I would love to store in it. I wish we could buy another tab. I would easily pay 10k for another tab to put more stuff in... especially things that I have that are no longer available.

In there I have everything organized as sets. I have my WotLK event set, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 1, AQ Enigma set, Tier 6. The next two sets are what I like to call my "Burning Crusades" sets because they look like I came straight out of Shadowmoon Valley when I wear them. In the last column I have my spider robes and their matching pieces (which can be interchangeable), and my Scholomance set with Alanna's Embrace sitting by it because I haven't figured out what to match it with yet...

So yea, I call myself a WoW hoarder, but I am much more organized that I'd like to think. Space has always been, and I think it will always be an issue for me. I don't mind though... this junk is my world!

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