March 27, 2013

Blog Azeroth: The One!

Here we go, another Blog Azeroth topic. This was was a hard one:

"What is your absolute favorite profession in WoW? Why do you love it above all others and what is one feature you would add to the profession if you could?"

I'll be completely honest, I hate leveling up professions. I only do it just because I like seeing everything nice and maxed out on my main. All my alts have everything half-assed or not even learned. When I first started playing, I didn't put any thought into my professions. I picked Enchanting and Tailoring because I thought both would benefit me greatly as a spell caster/cloth wearer. I was right about one, but the other, not so much. While I had both maxed out at level 70, after that I could never keep up with enchanting. I ended up dropping it in Wrath to switch to Herbalism. I have an Alchemist alt that I can send all my herbs to if I don't want to sell that day.

While I really enjoy Tailoring (I really like collecting patterns), my all time favorite profession is Archaeology! Ever since I started playing I have been obsessed with AQ and the opening of the AQ gates. Sadly I wasn't around for that era, so all of my hopes and dreams of ever being a "Scarab Lord" were gone along with the beautiful mount. The battle tanks that you can mount in the AQ raid was just a tease too. So when I saw you could get a mount that looked just like them from Archaeology, I was jumping for joy. Surprisingly I got that mount pretty fast. It's still one of my favorites to this day. Now the Tol'vir hand took me quite a bit longer... but we won't talk about that because it makes me upset!

If I could add one feature to it, I think I might add more cosmetic items. I'm not talking about more of the junk that just sits in your inventory, and you only pull it out to impress your friends while you're sitting in the city. Maybe we could get some transmog gear from it. I would love to see them add some kind of "scourged" artifacts. Maybe they could allow us to get some "replica" models of some of the beautiful robes that were taken out of Naxx 60 and never reintroduced (I'm aware the 2nd had a look alike, but it doesn't drop anymore). I'm sure there is also some beautiful plate, leather, and mail that others would like too. I won't hold my breath on it, but it would be something I would like to see. :)

See how nicely it fits in!

And now for something completely unrelated to the BA topic - My gosh, patch 5.3 notes! Everything I'm seeing from it is blowing me away. Seriously, I'm loving the entire Isle of Thunder and everything, but I have never wanted to destroy Garrosh more in my entire life... EVER. So who do you think will be the next Warchief for the Horde? At first I was thinking Vol'jin, but once I saw how Lor'themar took control of the situation on the Isle of Thunder, I changed my mind. Now I'm not so sure once again. I guess we'll just have to see. So excited!

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