September 9, 2008

Twinkies and Holy Bologna

With hurricane Gustav hitting home really hard, I've been living off of generator power for over a week now and there really isn't much more to do around here. The place where I work was demolished, and they are waiting cleanup and rebuilding. In the meantime, I took it upon myself to play my other neglected toons while the days are long and hot.

I leveled my priest (holy warrior build at that) to Outands finally. I just want her to hit 70 before the xpac so I don't have to do so much. Next I decided to twink out my ret. pally at 39 in the Chain of the Scarlet Crusade. This should be fun since I LOVE spending money on high level enchants :| Lastly my poor little druid is my escape character. I wanted to get her at least to level 10 so I could pop bear form and travel to Moonglade to wait on those rare dresses to respawn:

- Formal Dangui
- Green Wedding Hanbok
- Red Wedding Hanbok

all three have about a 2-3 month respawn time and are a very rare thing to have. I'm determined so I shall get this.

And even better, WotLK lets us get a sneak peak at some of the new tabards. I already know I want the Kirin Tor one and the Argent Dawn one.

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