September 26, 2008

Sit Back and Have a Brew

Brewfest is here again, and the day before Blizzard put in the cute "Pirate Day". After speaking with the fleet captain in Booty Bay, you recieved a 12 hour pirate costume buff that allowed you to do everything in the heartiest of moods. I wasn't able to participate in Brewfest last year, but I am this year. I recieved an honorary Blue Brewfest Stein for 2008, and I'm still debating on what items to get with my coins. I'm going to at least wait until the last possible moment to spend them all. I was able to get my badge copycap trinket from Coren Direbrew - Dark Iron Smoking Pipe. It makes me puff out thick green smoke when it procts.

I was able to reserve a copy of WotLK collectors edition at my local Gamestop. Lucky for me because a few days later they quit offering it. I'm just majorly excited for the mini frost wyrm pet and of course... all the new raid content. Below is a video "spoiler" for the new xpac...

Just watching the the cinematic and little trailers like this just gets me more and more excited for what's to come.

Also lately I have been taking an interest in the old pre-bc raids. Molten Core, AQ 20/40, Blackwing Lair, Naxx, Onyxia, Lower/Upper Blackrock Spire, the Dragons of Nightmare... all of this seems so interesting to me. I was able to find a guild on another (a PvP) server that is a total old school raid guild, but the only bad thing is I need a "vanilla" WoW account. I guess maybe having a different computer without BC installed would be a good idea. Until then I guess I could slowly... slowly level up another toon. Oh what fun... :/ *sigh* So if anyone know of any other old school raiding guilds... Horde preferably, but Alliance would work, please let me know. :)

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