May 3, 2008

Raptors and Children

What a grueling week last week was. I just accomplished some things I have always wanted:

- I got attuned to Naxx for less than 100g
- Turned in all my shadow resist mats; not to mention I already have my Soulguard Bracers crafted
- Became exalted with the Darkspear Trolls because I always wanted a raptor

After I finish my Sporregar rep, I might consider getting exalted with Silvermoon for the hawkstrider.

About two days ago was the beginning of children's week. I brought my little blood elf girl Salandria and little orc child eveywhere. Ah, the laughter of an orphan sure beats the tiring work of dailies. After a few travels, turning them back in was a little sad, because I just hate seeing little kida cry. As a reward I picked out Piglet's Collar and Elekk Training Collar.

Thursday night in SSC ended up being a fail at me getting any tier... however, I managed to score these sexy shoulders off of Morogrim Tidewalker: Illidari Shoulderpads

Tomorrow night, Black Temple attempt again. Eh.

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