April 23, 2008

Another Night In Mount Hyjal

Well I'm also going to try this blogging thing. It was a great night of raiding, and I see us progressing further every Tuesday. Even though we seemed to be stumped at Anetheron, we only put in 2 attempts on him tonight getting him down to 60 something percent, which were our best attempts. I'm sure we will get him down next week (or the week after since it's finals next week.)
Even though Anetheron was being a little bitch, we went in there and owned Rage Winterchill. He dropped:

Chronicle of Dark Secrets
Furious Shackles

Melanie and I have really been getting into the all the new things added in patch 2.4. We both got exalted with the Shattered Sun pretty fast, and yesterday we both got our Of The Shattered Sun titles. Even though it cost us 1000 gold to get them, the titles are cool as fuck!
I even got enough honor marks to get myself a Swift Warstrider. Yea it looks pretty funny to see a orc riding one of these, but I just needed to get one.

That's it for now I'll post something on Thursday to tell how our SSC raid went down.


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