November 12, 2014

Blizzcon 2014 and Waiting for Warlords

So this past weekend was Blizzcon. I watched it comfortably from my couch at home. Sadly there wasn't much to talk about in the WoW department, but I was definitely excited to see some of the pictures from the movie. I'm also still a little disappointed that people with the virtual ticket weren't allowed to view the "clips upstairs" everyone kept hyping. Each faction had their own movie site ( and where you could sign up and receive an image pack that had a few avatars and different sizes of what I'm assuming will be the official movie posters. I totally will need to get each one for my gaming room!

Of course, Blizzcon couldn't be complete without some snacks and drinks. I ended up making a green drink to mimic the Blood of Mannoroth. It was non-alcoholic, but I'm sure you could throw in some of your favorite liquor to give it more of a kick. I might make myself another one of these for the release night of Warlords.

Blood of Mannoroth Drink

1-3 scoops lime sherbet
1 part ginger ale
1 part lemon/lime soda

Place the scoops of lime sherbet into the bottom of the glass, and pour the ginger ale and soda on top. As the sherbet melts into the liquids, it will create a sickly green hue in the glass. Enjoy! (Note: May cause a demon craze or blood lust... drink at your own risk!)

Since I've pretty much accomplished most things I wanted to do before Warlords releases, I will just be leveling up my alt mage and pet battling most of this week. Me and Grommloc can't wait to take over Draenor! See you on the other side of the Dark Portal!

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