June 4, 2014

The Blizzard Archive

A while back I had thought about a few things regarding the Blizzard Archive, but I never decided to write a post about it. Today something got me thinking back on this topic, and it seemed like the perfect topic to blog about this week.

Back in March of this year, Blizzard put out the announcement that the Mists of Pandaria Digital Deluxe edition was going to be heading into their vaults. That news wasn't really that special until the last line at the bottom:

"The Digital Deluxe edition might come back out of the archive in the future, but even the jinyu waterspeakers don’t know if or when."

If or when is definitely vague, and I shouldn't be digging. However, I'm the kind of person that feels if something like that is put out there, it's return will possibly be considered. Anyway, today I logged online and checked my favorite WoW sites to see that now the Guardian Cub will be making his way into the vault also. However, on this post we don't get a vague note that he could be returning in the future.

This entire thing got me thinking about the Disney Vault. As many of you know, Disney films will get taken out of the vault and re-released for a limited time before being packed away again. What if Blizzard was thinking about doing this in the future with previous expansions? This idea makes me excited just to think about.

What if Blizzard released Digital Deluxe versions of every past expansion that didn't have one? In reality, the only thing you would be paying for is having the CE attached to your account and the mini pets they come with, but I'm fine with that. Blizzard could also go back and add a mount and other goodies for Diablo and Starcraft, but then I guess people who purchased the original CE's will complain about how awesome they are to have bought the CE way back when, but seriously... who cares? No one is really a special little snowflake anymore.

The cool kids
I can't speak for everyone else, but if Blizzard decided to do this, I'd be happy to throw out some money. So I'm curious to your thoughts... 
Could you see this happening in the future? How would you feel if Blizzard decided to release Digital Deluxe editions of previous expansions? Let me know in the comments below!

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