March 14, 2013

Hello everyone! I've been keeping very busy since patch 5.2 came out. I'm loving all the new dailies and the beautiful Isle of Thunder!

I did part one of the new Raid Finder this week. I was extremely lucky in getting wand and a helm off of Horridon!

As far as collecting things, I've gotten 3 of 4 of the new panda mini pets, all of the raptor mini pets, none of the carps or raid pets, and I'm attempting to grind out dino bones with my boyfriend when we have the time. I'll get there eventually because I'm more excited for raptor mounts than anything. They hold a special place in my heart and require a lot less grinding than what I did to get my orange one back in BC.

Today I should be packing and moving around things for IRL stuff, but I have no boxes and really nothing else to put things in. If only I could use my Void Storage....

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