February 10, 2013

Ah, love is in the air! One of my favorite Warcraft events. I remember way back in BC, I would make alts over and over just to get a candy box from a guard to try and "farm" for Peddlefeet (now you can just buy him with tokens). I was so happy when I finally got him. Now I try my hardest to get the Big Love Rocket. My luck has been really terrible lately. I'm seeing more and more people on the Onyxia mount which I REALLY want... I haven't gotten my Darkmoon Eye yet either (Rocky is so lucky to have gotten it so easily *jealous*)... I'm also still waiting on my Sha touched weapon to drop. :(

Besides running around and trying to find things to do, I've been trying to make money with some bank alts on other servers. It's quite fun to see what I can get for much cheaper. I bought a Porcupette for less than 1k the other day, and that made me really happy since they are way too expensive on Skywall. Slow times right now... good times to finish up things.

Also, me and Pigletoos dropped a Blingatron 4000 so poor C'Thun could get his daily gift box.

Sadly, C'Thun didn't get a mount either.

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