November 11, 2012

I know it's been a REALLY long time since I've made a post, but Velgana has been having a ton of fun in Pandaria. This expansion definitely did not disappoint  There is so much to do, and I haven't even done it all. I'm almost exalted with most factions which is great, but I still have some gearing and pet battling to do. I think the majority of people who are complaining are trying to do every single thing in the game, every single day. They way I have been valor capping each week is by running my raid finders and doing dailies for the factions that I need. Every week I weed out factions I don't need anymore. My choice to continue doing the Golden Lotus dailies is my own because I would like to finish collecting my Skyshards for that gorgeous dragon circling overhead. *sigh* I've also leveled up one of my alts, and I'm doing another one with my boyfriend this time (first time going Boomkin on my druid). While I wish I had more to talk about, I'll leave you with some shots of Vel working hard...

Getting her Cloud Serpent mount

Fishing for Mr. Nat Pagle

Working hard on the farm!

And please remember everyone, if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the content, you're doing it wrong. Take a word of advice from all the local Pandaren - "Slow down. Life is to be savored". Look around and explore. You never know what you will find. :)

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