July 14, 2008

Not The Good Kind Of Pet - Pet Peeves

I need to vent...

- People who just randomly open a trade box with you instead of politely asking first if they could have some conjured food/water, or demanding it rudely. "I want ______". No, just because I did chose to play the vending machine class doesn't make me your personal chef.

- People who ask for ports and don't tip. It's not so much as I'm greedy, but it's common curtesy. I tip for whatever I need done (especially hefty tips for enchants). The least you could do is shell out 1g or so.

- People who don't play your class (and never have) that think they know more than you: what's best for you/what gear you should be getting. I played over 71 days on Velgana and I have my guides and stuff I read. I'm a big girl and can dress myself.

- Night elf hunters... no need to elaborate.

- On my priest alt, people who invite me to a group before asking just thinking I want to heal for them. Anyone cared to ask if I'm holy spec first?

and finally...

- People who have been raiding with us for a month/DKP whores getting their tier6 gloves before you... then leaving the guild a week after. Third time I get screwed on t6 gloves; Long live DKP :(

I think I need a break. *sigh*

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