January 8, 2016

Transmog Time: Use The Force

I've been riding the Star Wars hype train lately. I thought it was brilliant when Blizzard decided to dress up the Orgrimmar and Stormwind guards with "lightsabers" to commemorate the release of the Force Awakens. In all my years of playing WoW, I always thought those swords were really awesome looking. I never did receive one not did I actively go looking for one since it was never something I wanted to spend my gold on. As if it was meant to be, Saturday I received a Blade of Wizardry from my salvage yard. This got me to thinking about putting together a Jedi master and a Sith transmog.

The Dark Side

Helm: Thistlefur Cap
Shoulders: Laughing Skull Shoulderpads
Chest: Silver-Thread Armor
Cloak: Blackmetal Cape
Gloves: Silver-Thread Gloves
Belt: Sash of Whispered Secrets
Legs: Silver-Thread Pants
Boots: Veteran's Dreadweave Stalkers
WoWHead Set Link

Of course for this set, the weapon of choice is the Blade of Wizardry or Teebu's Blazing Longsword. Some off-hand items that may fit well are:
Spring Gadget (Horde only, sorry) - Looks like a remote you can use to "control" a droid.
Rod of Molten Fire - The perfect torture device for your Rebel scum prisoners.
Drakestone - Yes, let the hate flow inside this little red orb.

The Light Side

Helm: Resilient Cap
Shoulders: Resilient Mantle
Chest: Durable Robe
Cloak: Mammoth Fur Cloak
Gloves: Gloves of Purification
Belt: Bright Belt
Boots: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
Shirt: Yellow Lumberjack Shirt
WoWHead Set Link

This weapon is a little easier to get since the Spellfire Longsword drops from The Slave Pens. Don't forget to get yourself a Lil' Bling to act as your protocol droid during your adventures through the galaxy! Here are a few other off-hand items you could use to complete your look:
Cosmos: You're going to need a planetary map to help navigate through deep space.
Tesseract Timepiece: A little more difficult to get, but I think it looks like some space age shield.
Surplus Limb: Everyone knows that most Jedi are prone to having limbs cut off, so why get rid of it when you can carry it around with you? (Ok, I know, bad joke!)

As always, these are for cloth wearers, and I try to use items that would be more easily available to all players. If you have any other Star Wars related transmog, please leave a comment below. I always love seeing what everyone puts together. Oh, and one last thing before I go... May the Force be with you!

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