September 6, 2011

I hadn't had the chance to update for a while. I totally took advantage of the Alterac Valley PvP weekend last week. I was able to get Stormrider's Raiment, Stormrider's Grips, and Embrace of the Night for my druid along with some Molten Front rewards. Last night I unlocked another vendor. I just have one left before I can start doing them on my priest. I find that if I work on one toon at a time, I'm not as overwhelmed. The PvP weekends are a great way to get fast Justice Point conversions. I also want to start working on my PvP set for Velgana, but there's other things I need to do first, so that is definitely being pushed back to last.

I am currently working on Loremaster. I think I'm going to lose my sanity. I have about 20 more quests left in Icecrown before I'm completely finished with Northrend. I'm not really looking forward to searching Easter Kingdoms and Kalimdor for the rest. Other than that, still collecting gear to be ready for transmogging. ;) I believe we may also have some more friends to play with soon. Hopefully everything ends up falling into place. We shall just have to see!


Also, just a little note to congratulate Osmosis of Skywall. One of their mages received Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest tonight. I'm totally jealous and definitely wish it was me ;) Seriously though, congrats guys.

Orgrimmar is still glowing with the presence of the blue dragon flight. I was glad I was able to witness such an event. I think it might be Horde first, but I am not sure. Still, with all the dragons flying around the trade channel nubs keep asking, "wtf is going on here?".

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